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Recommended software and operating system improvements

Recommended Posts

Some of the software can be found in the AppStore, if not - Google will be happy to refer you to the purchase / download page.

Did you find any software you liked most? You are welcome to share the forum with everyone (:


alfred - A search engine that functions like a spotlight but has more options like searching sites, fixing spelling errors, shutting down / restarting your computer, etc.

notify - A plugin that attaches to the top menu for checking messages in gmail, supports multiple accounts, and the pro version also allows you to use as a full mail client.

caffein - a top menu plugin that allows to temporarily disable screen saver / automatic screen shutdown (until next click or preset time).

cinch - management - Full-screen, half-left or half-left screen extension (paid)

1password - Secure Password Manager with convenient interface, familiar browser integration (chrome / firefox / safari, etc.) to automatically fill passwords, can also be synchronized with iOS devices (paid)

iprocrastinate - A detailed "to-do list" management software.

remind me later - A small application to quickly add tasks to the calendar (ical).

CapSee - An on-screen indication of changing the Caps lock mode

System Tools, Maintenance and Performance Preservation:

OnyX - a free and very powerful tool for scheduling defragmentation, periodic cleaning and utilities for fault situations (eg file stuck in the Trash).

JDiskReport - Extracts folder and file utilization reports to find the main causes of your HDD.

The Unarchive - distributes rar / zip files, etc., with a waiting list to open several files one after the other.

Data recovery and backup:

Dropbox - virtual storage space for data backup, also allows sharing files with other users (via the management panel on the software site).

time machine - built into the operating system - before turning to third party backup software has learned all its advantages.

Browsers and extensions:

Firefox offers a huge amount of plugins, very flexible but significantly heavier than other browsers

Google Chrome is relatively basic in terms of features but very light and fast.

Remote control:

TeamViewer - easy to use and requires no settings, works great even when combined with different operating systems / servers

LogMeIn - Fixed connection to the server (requires no port forwarding in router) and allows access from anywhere through the browser.

Instant messaging, audio and video calls:

FaceTime - from Apple, allows video calls between Mac and Mac or between Mac and iOS devices

adium - Allows you to connect to a large number of instant messaging services (messenger / google talk / facebook chat, etc.) and allows viewing of a list of unified members.

Multimedia Players:

vlc - which we all know is probably the best video player currently, updated regularly and includes all the required codecs

songbird - a replacement for iTunes, visually built in a similar way but includes many features and easier management, yet syncs well with iOS devices

Editing Multimedia:

re - encoding , From a wide variety of formats primarily to MPEG4, including ready-to-fit settings for iOS devices

audacity - editing audio files

imovie - built into the operating system will allow you to edit files , Advanced can consider the purchase of final cut express / adobe premiere elements

Gimp - Need Free and very advanced (built in Photoshop style)

Download and share files:

frostwire - sharing files based on gnutella

utorrent - popular and familiar to everyone, torrent download manager.

usher - Downloading videos from Youtube, with a convenient interface and high quality (not free, allows trial period)

FileZilla - Clint FTP is light and advanced

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So here are some more recommendations:

Trillian - instant messaging, there are also windows, what I liked there is that it also concentrates many protocols and does not disconnect me from the other places I am connected to Messenger, for example, what Adium does not do. I mean, I stay connected to the iPhone and the laptop 7 and Mac.

LINKINUS - great software for IRC.

SPARROW - Gmail is really cool, although now it's paid so I do not use it anymore.

MUCOMMANDER - Software similar to Total Commander and the legendary Norton Commander, written in Java and also working on windows and Linux, there are many cases that I find more comfortable than the Pinder I was not really used to. Great file manager.

REEDER - For those who know the software from the iPhone then there is also a Mac, a reader Google Reader and nice design (although I must admit that still more rested on the computer the usual interface of Google, iPhone I only with REEDER).

KEYABORD PILOT - a program that allows you to set a default language for each application and thus saves unnecessary switching between languages ​​all the time, especially great that I find it difficult to get used to replacing the language not with ALT SHIFT rooted in windows.

VMware FUSION - I'm with the Hackintosh and the same Hardisk as well 7, through this software I can run the real windows partition (like Bootcamp) in the drive as a virtual machine and so access and run everything from my windows and in general run more virtual machines, etc. There is also the PerlNXX 6 for those who want.

BOXXE - Israeli Media Center, works well both in Windows and Mac.

I must mention things that I have not found a worthy substitute for:

WINRAR - I've tested a lot of deployment software, I have not found anything quite similar to Winrar that knows how to handle multi-part files and open them all together in a normal way.

RDP - I tried almost all the software for remote connection: VNC LOGMEIN TEAMVIEWER in each of its own problems and no one compares to the connection speed and stability that I get in Windows with the built-in remote desktop that is in REMOTE DESKTOP PROTOCOL windows. Most likely this LOGMEIN but connect through this browser is oppressive and also the speed does not warn.

Suppose there are many more software and things to offer, we'll slowly add more

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  • 3 months later ...

I'm talking about RDP's server , That is the option to connect to the computer from afar.

I know there are different RDP VIEWERS for Mac but not about that I've talked to, all the Mac remote connection solutions are much slower than connecting with RDP to PC (And I even talk about the same computer).

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  • 10 months later ...

For all Trackpad owners or Magic Mouse-


Extends the options of the above to a much higher level than can be done in the operating system.

You can set clicks in certain areas on the Tracpad or mouse and I find it one of the most useful apps I've ever encountered.

In addition, gives options of attaching Half / quarter screen (you can also set different size) and full screen.

All this is free, no money ..

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