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Indeed the Hackintosh

I am constantly debating whether to buy sometime in iMac

But there's always the question of what to do after two or three years that want to replace a computer, I already paid for the 27 screen "and now it will go to the warehouse ?: s05:

I accidentally entered the Macintosh forum here and saw that someone had changed the rules :P

There are no valid / invalid arguments / Yes EULA / No EULA

I see you're getting into the field, what are all these computers? Getting Started at iDigital? ; D

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This is a great thing, probably all the drivers were written professionally and the support between the software and the hardware is 100%, the display is amazing * and with the touch pad the experience I use jumps on several levels.

The question is how much compensation you will receive for its price in Israel.

In terms of hardware (video card, download options, etc.), the PC with the Macintosh is more parallel to Mac Pro than to IMC.

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I can live with the price, it's hard for me to live with the fact that upgrading also means paying again on a new screen

Upgrading what? The disk and memories you can replace alone, as soon as you put the screen down and unlocks the screws it's a very easy chassis to operate.

CPU / Motherboard, what to do ... Buy now the most expensive they offer for upgrading as late as possible.

A video card - I do not think there's any IMC Monstrous, just in Mac Pro.

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I did not explain myself well

Today there is imac with i7 (which is what I would buy suppose)

I paid him 12,000 NIS

Another 3 years I would like to replace to a new iMac with 12 processor cores

I pay again a "false amount" that includes a payback on screen

It is easier to "throw" a chassis with obsolete hardware than a "throw" chassis that includes an 27 "

(That I do not even have to buy again, only that I have no choice)

I want to upgrade a computer every two to three years, and do not want to upgrade to a screen every time

If they were to put out a normal model ...

(Ie not one which is aka toy Mini or aka server A pro or a computer that forces you to also swap a screen every time aka aimek)

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What is the difference between a desktop computer and a server besides the software? The Mac Pro (not a server version) is not marketed with osx server or xsan, do not see how it is less than a home PC from any other PC ...

In my opinion, when you choose AMIC, you set yourself a different technological level, and replacing the screen of 3 for years makes sense. Changing technologies, resolutions, display quality, etc. ...

But for your consideration, you're probably right and "must" is never unpleasant.

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The difference is his price

At less than the price of the Mac Pro you buy a stronger AMIC and it also has a screen

Unfortunately, to say that replacing the Hyand screen every 3 years is normal is just not true

If we once upgraded from 15 to 17 / 19 / 22 / 24

I do not see a situation that we will upgrade over 27 in the near-future, it's not that 6 years are sitting in front of 42 screen inches ...

Still, in my next upgrade (when I get tired of what i5 is) I have a serious dilemma about whether to go on a computer or not

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