Jobs in the field of IT from the Glasshouse company (system, DBA, technicians, etc.) - 01/2011 - Studies and job offers - HWzone Forums
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IT Jobs from Glasshouse (System, DBA, Technicians, etc.) - 01 / 2011


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Hello everyone,

My name is Zohar and I am a database manager at Glaxhouse Israel. We are looking for employees (men or women) to fill the following positions. Some are internal jobs and some are for our clients.

About Glasshouse:

Glasshouse is an international company providing a wide range of solutions and services in IT infrastructure, with extensive expertise in storage and backup, business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DRP), databases (Oracle and MS SQL) and BI solutions. UNIX, Linux, and, Virtualization solutions and high availability solutions.


System WIN

Experience in AD + EX + VMWARE - Required

Experience in a multi-server environment - a must

Experience in information security - an advantage

QA System

Experience writing SQL queries - required

Experience in SHELL - a significant advantage

Experience in configuring and setting environments in a WIN environment

System MF

Experience of at least two years

Expert Backups - (2 jobs):

1. Expert NetBackup

2. Expert legato

communication technician

Experience in Cisco ASA - a must

Experience in a WAN environment

IT Manager

Experience as an IT Manager in an environment - Necessary

Experience in AD + EX - required

Experience in VMware - Required

Experience in communications and telephony - a must

SQL Server DBA

Infrastructure experience of at least 3 years.

Attemptive experience - a significant advantage

For more details about each of the positions and to send a resume: zoharel at


Zohar Elkayam

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