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Analysis of Car Test Results Before Buying a Polo-2002 in a Thousand 29


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Regarding the seller's credibility - did you even bother to cross-check the owner's details that appear on the vehicle's license with the details on his ID card? ... it could still be a dealer (not that it's bad, assuming the vehicle is in peak condition, but that's not the case here).

If he has no receipt from recent treatments (preferably from those done in the same unlicensed garage), including the chalk he claims to have treated - for you it has never been done.

In my opinion - you should continue to the next polo. The one you took Testing does not mean you must purchase it, even if you are really stressed.

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I finally tried to lower the price to 25 NIS after consulting with a few other garages, and with David who understands. Failed. The car is canceled.

Some conclusions from this affair:

-The reliability of the testing institutes has decreased in my eyes. At least the ones called "CompuTest" and the cover under their disgusting. Does not do any more testing on them.

-Money is not a joke. Here, I now have 500 shekels for a test. The man undertook to share with me half and half in case they found faults in the chassis, gear, and engine that prevented me from buying the car. After seeing the results he forgot everything he said and changed versions. Overall, my problem is that I did not insist on signing it Stuff. The man came out junk, and that brings me to the next section:

- I edited the section. Apologies for the racist language.

-When it comes to money, there are no friends, no uncles, no acquaintances, and no people. There are animals. And as in the animal world, only the strong survive. Only with us it changed version. This is called the scribbling Israeli. (And I'm not just talking about this specific case)

I'm very happy that in the end after some pressure on the seller, the truth came out, and I realized I was dealing with a guy I would be very sorry if I bought the car from him in retrospect.

So in the worst case I lost 500 shekels, a few days of work, and a lot of nerves. At least I have NIS 30 left in my pocket.

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I'm more interested in why you insist on buying a Polo 2002 when for the same amount you can buy a Punto 2006. I understand that this is not the same level of auto, but four years is a lot in terms of world . What added value are you looking for in Polo?

Besides, you're pretty cheeky. Did you expect him to be 12% flexible because you ask him and you bring with David "understands"? Do not want to buy. Another buyer will come tomorrow.

Did you actually fall for the uncle? What are you blind to? I explicitly wrote that I consulted with a few other garages, so why this phrase?

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I'm more interested in why you insist on buying Polo 2002 when for the same amount you can buy Punto 2006.

Or Focus 2001 five-door, GHIA trim level and 2-liter engine - which takes the Polo in reliability and even driving comfort. * Oops * - I forgot you're manual.

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Until the Russians hook up, keep going to the next car and that's it.

I apologized, and continued.

For the next matter,

I wanted to tell you guys you helped me a lot with the matter of testing the tests and you are a big part of the final decision that was made.

For the following cases of vehicle inspections:

-No more ComputerTest?

- So what? Divide it into several places? A tinsmith, an electrician, and a mechanic? I prefer the less headache on the subject, but also the reliability.

Where is the balance here?

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You take it too hard. Every old car has wear and tear. Most older vehicles suffer from some degree of neglect. Every used car you buy will need expensive repairs at some point. Peace of mind is obtained only with a new vehicle. (Also not always) Go to the bank, take a loan of up to NIS 30,000 in favorable repayments and pamper yourself with a Chevrolet Spark / Fiat Panda / Citroen C1 / Suzuki Alto. Brand new vehicle with a three-year warranty.

If you prefer to buy a relatively quiet used you will only get with a car as new as possible. That's why I recommended the 2005-2006 Punto instead of the 2001 Polo or the 2001 Focus Ford. A liter in a car depot, accidents, tin blows, tap water instead of liquid And skipping treatments. The chance of finding a 4-5 year old Punto is reserved, but it is higher than the chance of finding a reserved 2001 Polo. Same goes for all . The older you are, the harder it is to find a reserve.

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For future cases of vehicle inspections ...

If you are interested in checking out more polos, and you want to get the most professional opinion you can get (probably) - it's worth dragging the owner to 31 Hamsger Street in Tel Aviv, to "Ron Garage". I'm sure you'll find enough good words about him in CF. If there is a green light mare, then you can take the vehicle to the tinsmith to check if the vehicle has been in a serious accident, and that's a big deal.

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Dear man after me whose institute "covered his ass" a few remarks:

Comments are constructive so read carefully and maybe you will understand:

True the testing institute is supposed to cover itself but:

Why should it be written that there is a lack of oil below the minimum? After all, it is testable

Why should he record that the front shock absorbers are defective? You can feel it

Why register oil leakage in the engine? You see that

Fluid steering connections? same as above

Defective oil pipes? same as above

Squeaks in gear shifting — it feels like driving

In short dear man a short drive would show you that this is probably the vehicle.

The under cover of the test institutes is in the chalk engine and chassis.

Say thank you to Computest Afula for not buying the car

In your review most of the comments are unrelated to the Knesset

I do not want to side with ComputerTest Afula but ask any professional in the automotive industry

And look at who they recommend.

By the way, check who tried, we will sell you the car, Afula, full of lots and dealers [br]Published at: 16.02.2011 at 22: 57: 13

Another little note ::

You went to the Sharka supplement to get a quote for repair Of 29 thousand?

We will see them inspect your vehicle and give you confirmation that the gear is in good condition.

Yes yes you chose Like all German women, it is beautiful but "ages" quickly.

And I'm telling you these things as a vehicle tester

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The guy hurts him for the 500 NIS

In case he thinks the test "regrets" and he discovered this only at the end

So why did he not buy the car?

Apparently he realized the institute was right but instead of saying thank you he whined about the payment

So next time check with the mechanic under the house who will charge you twice

Once on the test and 10 times later on repairs

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