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Orange is bothering me and even retaining customers doesn't help. ** Update: Solutions Found **


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A conservation package that is considered to be the best there is:

1300 minutes (I'll probably use barely a quarter)

1300 SMS (do not believe I'm going through the 100 a month)

2 and a half gigabyte surfing (not going through the gigabyte)

In 229 NIS.


For the system to give me a credit on the device (galaxy s) I have to pass the 249 NIS, so the representative added another package of 300 for the weekend, which costs NIS 29, which brings the total amount to 258 NIS.

After all this is a credit of 30 NIS fixed each month for a year and a half, Which downloads the invoice to 228 NIS, which of course will still allow credit on the device.


The insurance can not be canceled no matter what. 4 has another month to pay until the commitment expires, so there will be another 29 charge.

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We need to make some interesting observations here:

1. The price of the device when you import it in official form is higher than the way you buy it from a private store FREELANCE.

2. The packages that you get the device in full credit - are a great thing, Only If the package, as it is and exactly like it and not a comma, is suitable for you as a user, that is if the package costs 220 NIS per month, and includes so many call minutes and so on and so on and so on a surfing package, and you pay it anyway, then it suits you , Otherwise it does not suit you at all.

3. I had a device Who passed away, as a student, only to see the prices of packages of the GALAXY S in the cellular companies made me want to cry. I'm used to an 80-120 account when NIS 120 is a month of crazy exaggeration, simply because I'm not talking on the device too much. I bought the device separately, with no obligation to 200-300 a month to anyone, and includes unlimited surfing package My account is still today in the field of 80-110 NIS. So it's true, I paid the device with two big blows instead of 36 - not so small, but no commitment and no scribbles. My mother is actually an excellent example of how Orange's package actually works, its monthly bill was usually NIS 250, it committed to (if I'm not mistaken) 179 a month, received DEFY and so on call minutes / surfing traffic and SMS and now its account is lower by several tens of shekels a month.

In conclusion - choosing the package for the device - is not wise at all. Choosing a package should be done according to your device usage habits - and it's a good idea to sit with your invoices when you make that choice and see what you're really spending money on.

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