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Renewal of driver's license


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Of course not, and your license is not valid ... Technically you are not allowed to drive.

Contact the licensing office immediately and request that they send you a new license.

Have you made any past commitments during the two years that could cause you to not renew your license?

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A traffic violation that comes with a license revocation includes a 30-day administrative denial + trial, I think the hearer would have known if his license had been revoked and wouldn't bother asking ...

There seems to be a technical delay….

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If you have recently moved (= last century or so) they may have just sent to the wrong place. Or alternatively, they just forgot about you. At the time, I went to the transportation ministry in Petah Tikva, waited for three hours for the only clerk who served more or less the entire Sharon area, and finally got this red green note that gives you an option to renew your license and a three-month temporary license until they remember to send you the new piece of plastic. Israeli bureaucracy, you know. Successfully.

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I called the licensing office today and they themselves could not tell me why the license was not sent ... Anyway, I already paid the fee with their representative and they will already send me the license in the mail.

thanks for the answers.

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