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Want to switch to 1GB network, budget for router up to 700 NIS, for irrelevant cables.


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Hello everyone,

I currently have a 2760U D-link router (I got a flash), and I am working on N standard Wifi, a 10MB package.

I have Internally via WIFI, I wanted to ask what equipment do I need to switch to a 1GB wired network.

I understand I need a router that supports 1GB, the question is if I can settle for a connection to a router of Or you should buy something separate.

I would love to make recommendations, thank you.

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I have one computer with 100MB support (a netbook that serves as a file server), the rest support 1GB.

Will it affect the performance of the network? (Obviously between 1GB and 100MB it affects, the question is whether it will affect 1GB to 1GB).

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I read a bit about the routers,

1043ND - Cheaper but having problems with genuine firmware, I came across OpenWRT firmware that sorts some things and adds functions?

DIR-655 - More or less twice as expensive (why?) And I read about warming problems.


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What problems are there with the original 1043ND firmware?

OpenWrt is a firmware for very advanced users and most of the work with it is in a textual interface.

There is also the DD-wrt that is based on it, but has a GUI interface through the browser.

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I shuffled around a bit in the Dlink settings, I did not find anything that looked like Bridge on the wired network, other than that.

Anyone know? (Knows only the usual things in routers, it's a little above me)


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