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5850 Xtreme Heats up in a second even with the Duorb thermaltake ...


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Well then as you understood from the subject I have 5850 Xtreme's , Until a month ago he was excellent .. Then went to the fan of the Cooling Stock.

For example, after 2 minutes, he reached 5C, crazy ... The game was starting to jump and I could not play until the cooling

The new I bought, Duorb, I was sure the troubles were over, but even with the new cooling card warming up as if nothing had changed!

Still within 5 minutes at the load it reaches 93c.

I will only note that in rest the card at 34c is great ...

I have no idea what to do.

A month and a half ago I made overclock to the processor (Q6600) to 3.42ghz I brought up CPU and memory tensions, the problem with the video card started a few days after.

Is there a chance that this is somehow related?

Please help me with that really I have no idea what to do : nixweiss:


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A. The body Tightly attached to the card (have you mentioned that there is contact with the core, but does not that necessarily mean it is tight)? Try gently rotating the screws that hold the cooling and see if they are finely fastened.

B. I do not know if the cooling comes with a pre-smeared ointment (in the picture that dj-electric has not added), if it is not, apply ointment to a thin layer before you install the cooling?

third. The fan turns?

D. Did you mention that the problem started a little after you made an OC for the processor - perhaps the additional heat emission causes the enclosure to heat up (less likely)? Try to disable the OC temporarily.

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I tightened the screws from the start, it did not help

I put a thin layer of ointment.

The fans are spinning but it's as if they are not helping at all. :P

As for OC I will try to disable it and look with it will help (I doubt but I will try everything :) )

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According to what I understood, the fans always circulate on the Maximium,

Besides that it is only connected to the 4 pin cable to provide power so I do not think you can control the rotation speed :P

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