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Replacement batteries for mobile devices


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I noticed that Sticky does not have this issue, and I think there should be ...

Not because I need to at the moment, but so that you will be aware of the problem.

Currently if you want to buy Alternatively, there are 2 options, OEM and non OEM.

This is usually what it means:

OEM - Of the original manufacturer, in other words the same as that of your device.

non OEM - Replacement, these are usually third-party manufacturers' batteries and have weak power or Defective originality (fell in tests).

In Israel, most are sold non OEM at prices of OEM (which probably costs more), this is really theft (!).

On eBay the problem is the same, most batteries are of the second type and are not worth your money (even if they cost a dollar).

Usually straight out of the box you will feel that they are enough except for time, or that they will operate in order for two to three weeks and then you will feel as if the battery is two to three years old (after half an hour of conversation you should look for a charger).

Does anyone know stores in the country or on eBay that sell Quality?


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If you already want to make it sticky then you should write the information correctly:

Original original battery from the original manufacturer.

OEM compatible battery manufactured by another manufacturer but conforms to specifications of original manufacturer. This is the meaning of the term. These batteries are not necessarily of poor quality and certainly not damaged batteries that have fallen in the tests (no one sells such a thing anywhere). Many times they are the same batteries from the same factories of the original manufacturer, only without the logo for example.

Do not know what NON OEM is, I have never seen such a thing.

Batteries is a problematic business. No one wants to pay too much, but no one wants a bad battery or one that will explode on the device.

One company that is considered relatively high quality in replacements that I know of is mugen:

There is another company I will mention later.

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On eBay it means that the merchants say that basically the one who makes the battery is the same manufacturer who makes the original company. That does not mean it is original, it does not mean that it is really like that, and it does not mean that it is Original.

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But you did not understand, your explanation is fundamentally wrong

OEM = original equipment manufacturer, ie, the original equipment manufacturer. What is meant by?

Just for example, some of the company's power supplies Manufactured by Sisonic, therefore This is the brand, and Sisonic are the OEM.

That a product is sold as an OEM, it means that it is sold under the name of the company that actually manufactures it.

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No problem, I claimed it is the same as the battery that came with the device (when OEM is indicated), and so know that the product is quality (again, there are scams ...).

The idea in the nuisance was to recommend stores, too bad we got into subtleties.

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