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Has anyone moved to Golan / Hot in recent times without problems?


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My number stays in Orange (from work)

No Golan user can call my Orange number / send me an SMS

Golan says it's a problem of Orange and Orange say it's a problem of Golan

What to do?

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Both my girlfriend and I have moved to the Golan in the last two weeks without any special problems,

The mobilization took place exactly at the time it was registered on the website (3 hours from the moment of activation) and took about a minute or two and that's all.

There are minor issues that do not bother the user on a daily basis that they solve the same issues over time ...

Like for example .. I could not call emergency numbers - now yes, but come on, why on a daily basis I would call the police / ambulance / fire department there was also a problem with 103 of the electricity company and they also solved.

I think it is possible to get around today, I and my girlfriend may have been lucky, but I think they have improved a lot.

Pleasant mobility ...

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Was the number associated with a VPN / block / special floor? If so maybe this is the source of the problem?

No, that's a number I'm from the military with

He has undergone several movements in the past, the last of which was two months ago from a cell phone

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This is also the message you receive trying to call my Orange (message on the previous page)

Golan sends me to Orange and Orange sends me to Kibinimat :)

There is no choice but to say goodbye to Golan and move eagerly

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