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Has anyone moved to Golan / Hot in recent times without problems?


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True, I have a home as well, but if I say I missed the call and I press the MISSED CALL he dials not the house but to 4 *****

And does not get anywhere and I need to convene to contacts .... I know I'm petty but it's crazy.

What I did call for support now and they answered me in a minute! Amazing improvement.

Also, because of the Internet tests at night I deserve 8MBIT. It's a pity that only at night, let's say now 3MBIT. Total excellent.

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Question about moving to Golan Telecom:

I ordered them on their website, and registered that the tax was sent by mail.

As soon as it's over and I'll turn it on, the move will start, right?

During this time (until 3 hours I hope), I get a temporary number of Golan. What would someone call my real number? Can I just make calls at this time?

And another question that now came to me: If my iPhone (iPhone 4 purchased from Orange) is spoiled or something, who has to turn to the Golan, or am I "alone" in this section?


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I've been eager, and I'm very pleased.

I have an excellent reception almost everywhere, until now I was in Orange in half of the places I had no reception and the Internet barely dragged.

At my base I had to get out of the 100 meter to talk (which is in a very central place), now I get surfing between 3.5 and 6.5 MB, speed really favors.

In the beginning, there are always problems, especially when you are not prepared for the amount of people who want to move, but slowly all the problems seem to be solved.

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As soon as it's over and I'll turn it on, the move will start, right?

During this time (until 3 hours I hope), I get a temporary number of Golan.

I'm not even sure that's the case.

I had a full reception at Orange during the entire waiting period. The truth is that I do not even know when he "started" because it ended on Sunday afternoon and the request I made already on Friday, is simple There are no weekend travelers So it started only on the next business day, Sunday sometime ..

in the afternoon I received an email about the fact that the mobilization was complete - and I still had an Orange reception. I restarted the phone and only then did the reception disappear. I switched to Golan's Sim and immediately had a reception in the Golan, in my number.

That is,

A. I did not even have one second of down-time

B. I did not even have one second of a temporary number and not my fixed number

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1. If you were waiting a little longer, you'd get no ("Emergency calls only") in Orange's bass, but it's not critical.

2. You had a temporary number, you just never turned it on. If you stuck the Golan Sim until the drive was perfect, you had an 058 number that was active until the volume was perfect and you would make a risert to the phone. On the technical level, this is how the porting works - you are assigned a new line on which the porting is performed.

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Thank you for the answers.

In terms of mobility, it is not critical for me what will happen (I will stay with Orange's Sim until the "absorption" goes on and then I'll put it in Golan).

In terms of the iPhone I bought at Orange (and I'm still paying for another year and a half), will it really be possible to contact them if I have a problem? They will not wave me (because I will not be their client anymore)?

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I can calm you down. Your iPhone will never be broken under warranty, for sure.

It reminds me of the swatch watches I bought a few years ago. I bought one. It broke down after a year and two months. It was not worth fixing so I bought two. It broke down after a year and a half. At that point I gave up and decided to give up watches at all.

It is recommended to contact 55 minutes from life and see the this movie. Incidentally, Vitaly Kislev mentioned in the film is the same one who regularly crack the code of different cameras. here Interview with him.

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We had a pretty long discussion (if I remember correctly) about this video, here in the forum about a year ago :)

Incidentally, one of the issues that was discussed there was that the battery on the iPod was designed with the intention of dying, while you could not change On the iPod, just after the end of the warranty period - which will require you to buy a new device even though the device itself is still completely intact :) But I do not think it would have mattered, because the terms of responsibility for these things are so strict that in any case the chance of a fault-covered fault is zero. I'm also pretty sure that all of the electrical products always always come with a clause in the warranty agreement that excludes the battery from the warranty framework.

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This particular iPad was really a phenomenon - between 2005 and 2008 more or less, in all generations before the advent of iPod touch, it's as if their battery was intending to commit suicide just 18 months ago.

But in the case of smartphones, even including the iPhone-

The first iPhone came out on the 2007, and besides batteries, I do not hear about a particularly high percentage of faults. Those who have been in possession of the device ever since have usually kept the device working.

HTC HD2 - old more than two years, is also gaining popularity today because of a lot of development, the percentage of hardware failures are negligible.

nexus one - Not only is the percentage of hardware failures very low, even the batteries hold excellent. By chance we have a two-year-old here who still has the original battery, they claim it only once every two days, its use is medium.

And a slightly older smartphone -

Nokia 5800 for example. I've heard of a lot of physical problems, such as a broken frame and more, but I have not heard of a sudden hardware failure that was not due to damage.

The bottom line - "responsibility" today for This is not something that should be considered a big weight consideration. If the device is running 100% of the box, the chance of something happening in it suddenly happens small to nil unless it causes some physical damage or causes serious user error. for example)

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nexus one suffers from a problematic shutdown problem problem. Unknown problem. desire was with a series of problematic motherboards that overheated, causing the device's ersisters. A sexual Shakespeare suffers from warming, there was a guy in the forum who came across it. These are all things that are not discovered right after you remove the device from the box.

But I certainly agree that the percentage of mishaps is low.

On the other hand, for years now there has been the conspiracy theory that manufacturers of electrical devices produce to break down after a few years and then have to buy a new one.

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