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Recommended apps for Android


Recommended Posts



Viber - Free calls and messages over the Internet.

WhatsApp Messenger - Free messaging application on the Internet.

Fring - Video calls (also group), messages and regular free calls over the Internet.

Tango Video Calls - Free video applications on the Internet.

IM + - Instant messaging application that knows more or less the same with everything, including Messenger and Facebook.

eBuddy Messenger - Another recommended instant messaging app.

Text2Me - Sending / receiving SMS for free.

CallApp Every time someone calls you, the question "Who is it?", "Do I know him?", "Why is he calling?", "Is this important?" On the other hand, the caller asks himself, "Is he busy?", "Why does not he answer?", "Am I interrupting him in the middle of a meeting?" This application tries to answer all these questions, and actually glean information from anywhere it succeeds to show you as much as possible when you call or call you.


Advanced Task Manager - Running software programs.

ASTRO File Manager - File Explorer.

Wifi Analyzer - WiFi analyzer.

3G Watchdog - Software to extract the phone data from the telephone network.

GPS Status & Toolbox - Displays data about the GPS.

GPS Test GPS diagnostic tool.

On Call End - An application that defines what will happen at the end of a call, in cases where you want to cancel the automatic switching to the call log at the end of a call.

Chainfire3D - The application installs an OpenGL driver, allowing Bether to run Tegra games on devices without Tegra.

Titanium Backup - Application management and backup applications. Requires Root.

SMS Backup & Restore - Symmetric backups.

No Lock - Unlock the lock screen (there is also a widget).

* ROM Toolbox Pro - The ultimate control tool on the system. (Requires root)

GooManager Beta - Utilities for managing and downloading romans, kernels, zero Google packages and more. Allows you to make an OTA update to any level it supports. (Requires root)

Clean Master - Software for cleaning junk (cache, unused files, browsing and search histories, application installation files and more).

LBE Privacy Guard - This app manages the permissions of the other apps. Allows you to block certain permissions for apps (say, for example, to block location recognition), to set apps to use only WiFi, and more. The app can also monitor the amount of traffic and can actually replace 3G Watchdog if someone uses it.

** There are many disagreements about this app in the XDA. The key is some Chinese who does not disclose the code, it is not really clear what this app does.

There is little suspicion that it is a cure itself.


mVideoPlayer - Movie player with extended support including subtitles.

RockPlayer Lite - Video player reads AVI and DIVX movies, very convenient interface. Free at Market.

mp3tagger - change a song's name, add a tag to a song with an artist's name, album, etc. - an option I miss very much in the built-in Android player.

Ringdroid - An application for editing music files and setting a ringtone.

Shazam - Identifies songs (picks up from microphone).

SoundHound - same as above.

A Comic Viewer - Manga reading software.

Winamp - The familiar media player from your computer comes to Android. You can synchronize with your computer.

³ - A media player with a cool three-dimensional feature [presumption of 3].

doubleTwist Player Media player.

Poweramp Music Player - Very advanced player, full version for a fee.

jetAudio - one of the best musicians I've ever encountered. There is also a free castrated version.

Zadge - Application for finding and downloading ringtones, Notepication Sounds and backgrounds.

Camera ZOOM FX - Advanced camera application.

PicSay - An application for image editing of images.

Fast Burst Camera - A camera that allows you to take pictures in a split second.

jukefox - A nice player who knows how to catalog your music by style, and also choose songs similar to the current song / build a playlist according to what you want to hear (kind of Pandora Offline - nice).

Jango Radio Pandora for Android.

Audiogalaxy Music - An application for streaming songs from your PC to your phone. They also have a streaming site that can be run from any computer.


ONE - Search and view the sports portal ONE.



the land

Channel 2 News

The Sport Channel

TheMarker - The Marker

good food Macko Recipes Magazine.


News Republic - A global news app is recommended, you can find articles by certain interests.

Globes - Globes

Pulse News World news app.

TED Air - View TED lectures.

Google Currents - A completely new Android reading experience.

Pocket Casts - Podcasts software that allows you to listen in stream without downloading without any special problems, simple interface, recommended library of podcasts and more.

Office and documents-

Documents To Go - The only office software (from my experience) that supports normal Hebrew.


Dolphin Browser HD - Alternative browser (also available for mini-devices for weak devices)

Opera Mobile web browser Alternative browser.

Boat Browser Alternative browser.

Firefox Beta Alternative browser.


Extended Controls - A very useful widget for easy control of a million and one different things.

Beautiful Widgets - A package of widgets that includes, among others, clock, weather and Toggels to control the system like the previous widget.

Smooth Calendar - A widget that displays upcoming events in the calendar.

Data Enabler Widget - Switch to turn on and off cellular data usage.

2G-3G OnOff - Fast switching between 2G and 3G.

mClock - Clock widget with psychomastization options. You can create standalone configurations with XML, or download ready-made, for exampleHERE Or fromHERE.


iFight Pro - Whip, Sword, Gun - A variety of background music for fighting and weapons to choose from.

Androidify - Create cute avatars inspired by Android's robot.

ie6 - The application that brings the ie6 experience to Android!

Let's Create! Pottery - An application that simulates ... Creation of jars and vases. A video worth a million words.

AndWobble2 - The application allows you to define all sorts of pop-ups in images.

Sky Map App for viewing the stars of the sky.


My Tracks - Record GPS data.

Endomondo Sports Tracker - Recording software for running / driving routes using GPS. Provides voice reading of timers, distances and total time. It also includes a connection to the headset, and a heart rate monitor. There is also a small social network that allows members to be added to the training and it is possible to publish the training on Facebook.

RunKeeper - An application for runners among us.

adidas miCoach - Fitness, exercise and such.

Noom Weight Loss Coach - Sports, training, etc.

Noom CardioTrainer Cardio.

Torrent-fu - Remote torrent management.

μTorrent Remote - Control of the intranet on the computer. ** For some reason the link constantly refers to a different application. Just search for the name of the app in Google Play.

- Torrent software for Android.

- Remote control of media on PC.

- Software that allows scanning of 1D and QR barcodes using your device's camera.

- Software that tracks packages.

GPS software developed by Israel.

- Good for cases where you want to get closer to the source of any wireless network for better reception.

- An application that can analyze photographed images. If you take the application logo, you can tell you the name of the company. If you take the Mona Lisa, the application will give you details about the work. If you take Sudoku, the app will know how to direct it to a Google page that can solve it.

Adobe PDF Reader.

- Advanced application for managing situations. For example, every Sunday at 5 the device can turn off 3G connectivity. Or every time an X app comes on, Y will happen.

- Allows access from your computer to an anode via standard file sharing.

- Allows the use of Android as an additional screen to your computer. Note, many report problems.

- (from the creator of Plan B) protection application, backups and centralized detection.

- Helps to find stolen / lost phones.

- Installed applications after That the cell phone was lost / stolen and helps to locate it.

- A program that allows tracking the device, locking, deleting, removing a call from the device, reporting when replaced SIM and many more cool things if the phone lost / stolen. You can control your device via Web interface or via SMS. Coming free for a week, 3 EUR grants a perpetual license as 5 Instruments.

You can also install another FLASH from CWM and then it is installed as a system application and can not be removed (there is also a hidden mode, whose name appears as SYSTEM FRAMEWORK).

- Packet monitoring application, works only in companies where you can connect to the site and check package utilization status.

- Consumer measure - messages, calls and surfing.

- Advanced battery status monitoring application.

- An application for scanning various documents. Also allows faxing them.

- The application allows you to set up contacts on which silent mode will not work, so you will always receive calls from those who matter, and you will not get them from others.

- cross platform application for managing lists.

- Saving links for late viewing (or late viewing of links saved in advance).

- An application (Israeli) bypasses annoying sound menus and visualizes them.

- A very flexible calendar with a million options.

- software that actually functions as a "secretary." It can transfer calls to a number you define when there is no answer, when you are unavailable (disconnected from the network or without reception) or when you actually choose.

- Manage lists.

- Manage lists.

- Manage shopping list.

- Draw a mathematical symbol on the screen and get the appropriate code in Latex.

- a public transportation information application in Israel, to all those who are desperate about the Egged site.

- A call recorder that works and records from the line for multiple devices. See discussion In the XDA.

- An application that allows you to block Internet access to specific applications. (Requires rot).

Lyric to songs. Works with PowerAMP.

- Recommended file explorer for Android.

Space navigation. Requires Israel Maps to be installed (search online).

- Transfer voice from stereo applications (eg WAZE) to monophonic monophonic.


- Great software for sharing files from your PC to your phone or any other browser around the world. Works great. Free at Market.

Alternative dialer.

Alternative dialer.

Alternative dialer.

- Another dialer.

- Alternative SMS software.

- Alternative keyboard (supports Hebrew).

- one of the best keyboards around. (Not from the market).

- Another excellent keyboard.

- one of the most comfortable and best keyboards to be found.

- Another keyboard that supports pretty much any language that exists. Amharic? Yiddish? Georgian? Burmese? Tahitian? Obsidian? There is everything.

- Another keyboard, this time more anonymous. There is also a paid version.

Alternative luncher.

Alternative Lantern for Tablets.

- Luncher that simulates the Windows Phone 7 interface.

Alternative ICS LANCHER.

Alternative ICS LANCHER.

- Lock screen replacement software.

- Do you know that you are installing a particular program that blows up the list in a million different size options? So this software fixes it. (Not from Google Play Store)

- Software that replaces the Android Gallery. Much more successful.

- Animations and videos as nunctions.

Mobile Application. Our forum also supports it.

- An application that pops up messages received as a popup.

Antivirus for Android. It also has a firewall.

- The application adds to the status of well, as there are in Samsung and CM devices.

- same as above.

- from the previous application, but this allows to add status bar applications. Interesting and original.

- An application that allows you to add widgets in the form of widgets, or in the status bar.

- Allows receiving and sending smams on your home computer. There are Chrome and Firefox extensions that jump popup when a message is received.

- similar to the previous application, but more advanced. This allows receiving and sending messages, answering and disconnecting calls, managing contacts, call log, usage statistics and lots more through a really elegant Webby.

- An application (which works with WiFi) to control the Android that allows file transfer, Clipboard sharing, direct control on the device screen and more.

- A small application that allows typing on your computer's keyboard on any application on your Android device.

- An application that adjusts the display automatically or manually - screen brightness, color temperature, etc. There is also a free version.

- An application that allows you to share your location with another person, via social networks, email, SMS, and WTSAP.

- Create custom document with large icons for driving.

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If this is still the place for recommendations

I would like to add the

ROM Toolbox Pro


This app has so many features that are too short to write (or copy from a certified source)

But if you sum up in four words, the app is

Titanium Backup Pro is upgraded

She convinced me to buy the app ...

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Advanced Task Killer - Closed Which are not used to conserve battery.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of Android knows that these task killers are not only not recommended for use, but rather the opposite - Recommended not to be used.

And just to be petty:

Swype - one of the best keyboards around. (Not from the market).

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard - Another excellent keyboard.

SwiftKey 3 does not see Swype from a meter - it is better than it in several orders of magnitude.

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Anyone who has a basic understanding of Android knows that these task killers are not only not recommended for use, but rather the opposite - Recommended not to be used.


If you want a bit to expand why this app is not recommended and in addition maybe zero other (or type of zero) not recommended the same will be excellent.

Edit: I found the article this, But if you have something interesting (or link) beyond I'd love.

In addition, I would be happy if you specify and perhaps even expand on zero and other zero types that are not recommended.


Second, speaking of zero best practices and less, what about BBEZEQ ??

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If you want a bit to expand why this app is not recommended and in addition maybe zero other (or type of zero) not recommended the same will be excellent.

OMRIJ's link is excellent :)

Here is an interesting quote from this article, which I did not know before:

A lot of developers (including ROM builder extraordinaire, Cyanogen) will not even look at your bug reports if you're using a task killer.

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GOO MANAGER. Software similar to the TOOLBOX ROM mentioned before a few posts, with a focus on the theme of Romans only (and free).

It's nice that it actually allows you to do an OTA update to any rum it supports (among others).

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CEREBRUS - software that allows you to track the device, lock, delete, remove a call from the device, report when replaced SIM and many more cool things if the phone lost / stolen. You can control the device via a WEB interface (like ICLOUD) or via SMS.

Coming free for a week, 3 EUR grants a perpetual license as 5 Instruments.

You can also install another FLASH from CWM and then it is installed as a system application and can not be removed (there is also a hidden mode, whose name appears as SYSTEM FRAMEWORK).

Highly recommended!

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