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Recommended apps for Android


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I have it, but it is limited to the backup of 200M which is nice - I managed to back up everything except the - He did not enter me, so there are no complaints.

On the other hand it costs 20 NIS and has a backup "cloud" and a very convenient interface ... I thought to get opinions from the experienced before I spend the amount (not high in general but relatively high app)

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2. Has anyone heard of Go Back-up pro from the "Go Some Lie"? Looks very easy to use and the premium version is costing NISNUMX shekels. Seems to me much easier to use than titanium and a little cheaper

MyBackup Pro is very easy to use and does everything in a great way, a million times more convenient than Titanium (which I do not understand what people find in it, unfortunately I bought it at the very beginning because of all the hype).

She is also very popular and she has a father and mother who are not strange Chinese ... I would not rely too much on backup created by GO ..

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I am looking for a certain function of candles that I have not found in any application so far.

This is an emergency mode option. Let's say I go to bed and put the phone on a quiet one, so I can set some numbers if they call me at a certain frequency (say 3 times in 5 minutes), and only those numbers, so in the next call the phone will put itself out of a quiet state and ring.

I went through about all The call blocker in the store (and there is a lot) and I did not find anything similar, but considering that there is exactly this function in IOS 6 I refuse to believe that no one will open it to Android.

Also willing to consider Paid if it will be efficient and convenient ..

Does anyone know anything like that?

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I do not know if there is an app that does exactly that, but if you despair of such a search, you can always realize this functionality with help Bags.

What's more, it seems to me that I should be using an experienced Tasker to realize something like this, because it sounds a bit hard with Tasker's tools (but possible).

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The advantage of working with Tuskar is that if you assume you have a friend or acquaintance who has a valid tusker, you can download the factory that the developer provides, and just create Complete from the tasks built, so it is also not mandatory to buy the software itself. Check out which of your friends have the Tusker, and create such automation. There is nothing that this software can not do again.

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This is not good enough:


(In silent mode, when preset numbers call you - they get instructions on how to "wake up" your phone from silent mode,

When they send a certain SMS back - it alerts you to the phone and they can call)

(I guess with a bit of scribing you can change this existing module to exactly what you want)

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Well, this solution with Tasker works. This is a bit more cumbersome than I thought at first when I started looking for the app (especially considering that I planned to install it to my company that is subscribed to silent mode) but it will work.

Thank you all :)

By the way, I've been through some YouTube tutorials and this app is simply amazing. Since when I was downloaded I try to think of other uses that I can make in it .. And really it is almost unlimited. Makes me feel lazy by the minute. At the end of the phone everything will be done alone.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

2 The best keyboards are Swiftkey and AItype. I've mostly been using lately (I have both), although Swiftkey's prediction is better. I tried the versions for both tablets, not seeing them as a big plus worth buying beyond the Standard Edition (which of course works great on the tablet).

For today's apps, for a shekel for an app, I bought the Nova and Smart Tools. Those who love games there are also some nice games ...

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Extra: Someone recommends something and daily deal of ? It seems today that the options are relatively inferior to yesterday and yesterday.

SketchBook Pro is worth.

For Batman - from the time of purchase until the end of the download (more than Majage), 15 is transferred so that the Refund option does not exist at the end of the installation : bash:

The game itself is a waste of time, not realizing how they allowed themselves to market such a shabby game in a beautiful graphics wrapper.

Today is the last day of operations

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