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Recommended apps for Android


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Yesterday he knew how to complete the word "Rusnovski" after I wrote Mark. I'm pretty sure I have not written this name in 5 for the last few years - at least on Facebook, not in email or on the phone ...

No magic here, he learned that name from somewhere. Or from your contacts (by phone, email ...) or from another place.

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Maybe all the loners are really burdensome to our smartphones but still the Rab4 sXNUMX will cope.

I'm in the same boat too, my S4 just doesn't work well with it.

Funny, my old 7 Nexus is a great works.

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Is it just me or Swiftkey that's not what it used to be?

At the time she was really a mind reader, today I find myself correcting her with really simple words that I have used thousands of times.

They recently noted in the last update that they changed the prediction algorithm, apparently something in Hebrew was knocked out.

I'm a new user in Swift but definitely something fucked up in her, she corrects words written to something else all the time. One example I tried to write was "Organize" and it was constantly corrected automatically for "organizational". I wrote several times until I came to the conclusion that it was not me who was wrong.

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The prediction of the next word is really overrated, much more important than the prediction of the current word, especially the white person who writes in a very fast and careless way like me. And in this swiftkey has deteriorated at difficult levels, perhaps because it is now free :)

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Not entirely related to this discussion but I installed CloudyG3 today on my G2 - the rum of the G3 + plug-ins.

It seems that he is a great employee, the interface is much more impressive and polished, support split view (which allows YouTube to play in the background in a small band at the top and in the meantime being on Facebook for example in the rest of the screen .. And the fact that Facebook does not reach the end of the screen - Feature is really useful and useful), the camera app is simply excellent and supports 4K and 720p 120fps ..

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I doubt anyone does not know the red color application. It's a shame that such an application is not important enough to work normally. Anyway, it needs an urgent update that will fix it. Even on iOS devices it works not something that is usually called on Android Better facts.

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