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Recommended apps for Android


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Am I missing something? You never ran your contacts through ?

You do not miss anything. I've always been a manager, but it's not the same and that's not what I meant.

way You can manage your contacts The Googlies your. Since the first day I have been managing my "real" contacts.

But I talked about managing the other contacts (Facebook, etc.) that the last thing I want is to get them into Google.

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PHONEDECK has no connection to "GPS enabled."

What are you trying to go crooked for? There are special programs for these things that you ask.

God forbid go crooked ..

The point is that, to the best of my understanding, other programs that are more specific to this do not work properly.

Beyond that, for this software you need Other (which I do not have at the moment).

So I thought it would be convenient to use the GPS method.

I'm sorry it looks crooked, but you have a more convenient way - through a computer - to find your device?

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Recommendation for alternative keyboard, SMART KEYBOARD PRO

One of the easiest and best keyboards to find.

And the new FIREFOX-BETA browser, Simply great, one level above all new / old browsers.

And for those who have ICS then LANVA NOVA, very successful and convenient. There is also the APEX, I personally tried not really liked, but you can download and try the two.

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There are many disagreements about this app in the XDA. The key is some Chinese who does not disclose the code, it is not really clear what this app does. I realized there was a small suspicion that he was a spy herself. I've come across people who install this app and also use the wall wall to block their Internet access.


In any case, he does not have to release the source, and if there is another alternative I would be happy to try it.

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Not perfect - insists on showing me the IPvxNUMX instead of the IPvxNUMX, displaying text on the phone screen or in the browser, not both, and switching back to the internal keyboard requires settings - but still a brilliant and very useful idea when you are near a computer. I liked.

: xyxthumbs:

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trial version

auto brightness million times more successful than the original. Wow, it finally works alone and should not be changed all the time.

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It changes the color temperatures (and not the brightness). Same principle as f.lux to PC.

Personally, I never suffered it, it makes it all look like you're looking at it through a coffee filter.

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