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Recommended apps for Android


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really? :o For some reason I was sure it was 10 ... awesome.

So, I do not bother them to save a penny! (...) One penny ... when all it requires is inconvenience and use of eccentric and unfamiliar software instead of one of the -SMS (or in general full contacts that include a combination of calls and messages, etc.) in the lead.

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SMS always arrives. But you can not tell when ;)

It is still possible, it is almost always possible to set the phone to ask for a receipt for samsim.

This is functionally identical to (Two V-s = the message reached the target device)

I meant an app that could be put into it. A few different emails and that's how I will not have to Per email separately.

I also need a recommendation to explore files that can open zip / rar


Explorer Super Recommended Files - solid explorer

Very convenient (and opens rar sea and zip and even .tar.gz)

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Hello everyone,

Apparently I missed a stormy discussion here. Just be clear that I really do not hide that I'm the developer of the app ...

Which is intended for Orange, Pelephone and Cellcom customers, and not for the Golan and Hottel, which are giving a serious fight against the large and terrible companies ;)

Hence, they send them a favor to these customers, who still do not pay a dime for a message, but on tracks like 25 agora in Orang or still in the old tracks ... I personally know a few of these. The application was built in a way that you would not even have to think about whether you saved it or not, just use it everyday as a regular SMS application and in the long run save quite a bit.

The obvious advantages, as it says here from other people, are sending people who do not have them , Sending to people who do not have Available or sent from abroad to Israel.

For whom I have no hope of earning anything from them ... although I will not object if you buy the version without advertising :)

We try to listen to customers and change things in the app according to your requests.

Email Offers:

Link Download:

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