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Recommended apps for Android


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Because only the sensor downloaded ICS's built-in notification tool for the settings button.

I can see you from Costum well. : Has:

Oh that's ugly, it's better to just be with CyanogenMod ...

Are you comparing the whole process of opening your device and installing a new rum versus installing an app?

Anyway I love the 4 Sensory and the one s is just excellent so I prefer that way.

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Why my husband 4?

I personally like Notification Toggle

I really liked the Notification Toggle, thanks for the recommendation!

It's more beautiful than CM's already with the original icons (I will not try to change them)

This is something that was a bit lacking in the original bromine (GALAXY NEXUS)

It also includes a percentage battery for STATUS BAR and replaces the unnecessary TORCH LITE.


My recommendation: Lancer APEX - Looks like a stamp like the original 4.x, which only includes the options that are in CM 9.

With Notification Toggle and APEX, any device with original rum becomes the same as CM 9, without even having to do ROOT.

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1. Somebody knows Which gives style alerts When a message / email is received? The emphasis is on style (That's about the only thing I like there)

2. Has anyone heard of Go Back-up pro from the "Go Some Lie"? Looks very easy to use and the premium version is costing NISNUMX shekels. Seems to me much easier to use than titanium and a little cheaper

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