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Power consumption of an air conditioner operating on a ventilation program


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Hello everyone,

I started to turn on the air conditioner in one of the rooms on a fan only program (the outside unit is not on hearing).

I was worried about his power consumption in this situation because I run it like that for many hours.

Does it make sense to operate the air conditioner like this or should you put a standard floor fan in place?

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The power consumption of the air conditioner working on ventilation is the same as that of a standard fan (100 watts or even less), because only the blower on the internal unit is working then, and the compressor (which is the one that needs most of the power) is off.

In cooling and heating, when the compressor also works, the electricity consumption is high (several thousand watts).

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Why should a simple fan inside the air conditioner unit alone consume so much electricity (700 watts)? It makes more sense that he would consume something like 150 watts.

Ventilation air conditioning power is completely insignificant.

It's clear to me that it consumes less than 700W, you just wrote:

... High power consumption (several thousand watts).

thanks anyway...

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