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Apps and games - your developments!


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This discussion is intended to provide a platform for all the developers of the Israeli applications and games for the various operating systems, and to stimulate the Israeli development community.

So if you're a developer, you've created a game, widget, or dog Virtual (perhaps it is not), here is the place to publish and display your work.

Please note that publication of your application is allowed only in this discussion, and not elsewhere.

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I am pleased to be the first to publish my latest development.

A thinking game called Tiny Aliens Escape

This is a really fun and very original game, I hope you will like it.

Looking forward to hearing comments.


אתר Post a review of the game, you can read and get an impression



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  • 1 month later ...

Application i wrote for cell phones with Of Windows Phone.

She counts how many beers you drank and thinks to you how much you have to pay and leave a tip :)

I will be happy to hear reviews ...

*** I accidentally posted in the wrong place : Facepalm: And I can not delete the old one, if one of the moderators of the forum could please delete my previous discussion thank you ***

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  • 3 weeks later ...

Hello everyone ,

I wanted to interest you in the application that my friends and I developed, and it can be very useful for Tel Aviv residents to find

Recycling bins, tel-aviv stations, dog parks and public fitness facilities.

The application is called "Green Lee", it is location-based, so that wherever you get you will be segmented by location

Closest to you - there's of course a possibility to navigate Waze and Google by car or on foot.

The app spent hours to be effective and user friendly.

In my opinion (non-objective to say) is the most convenient app in the market for these subjects.

You can search for "green me" in the market.

I would be happy if you took off,

Boris and Israel.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

Hello everyone,

: xyxthumbs:

I got off Cool Top10 App Discovery - Very useful and cool,

: Has:

You can manage all apps on your device with the click of a button from the application itself, and you can find out News Usability

And the cool part is to be discovered Friends of Facebook !! : xyxthumbs:

She ranks everything

By real use Of the participants and not only according to downloads - what was not until today !!

There are more cool things in the video ...

Very recommended and it's free !!!

: yelclap:

App Link -

Link to video (in Hebrew) -

Top10 Discovery app is highly recommended

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  • 2 months later ...

Hello everyone in the forum :)

My name is Sharon and I am a member of a new startup team called OSEF.

We worked hard to get the app up to Independence Day because the OSEF allows a group of people to open an album Group Collaborations. The album is private to members of the group. Each member of the group can add a picture or invite another friend, and you can also add a password to increase privacy.

The application can be downloaded and used for free, without any registration!

Please contact me on 0524653530 or email



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  • 3 weeks later ...

Hello my name is Ehud and I am a founding partner of


Our company develops a technology that enables the transfer of information between mobile devices according to relative direction and location by means of smooth motion on the screen.

We developed a game to demonstrate the technology called - "

Beaver Bam!"He said. In order to see the technology in action it is necessary to play in Multiplayer mode, but of course you can enjoy the game as a single player.

More information can be found at:

Or just watch the video:

And of course the link to the game:

We will be happy to receive comments,


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  • 2 months later ...


I released today a new version of my new application - simulations for trading on the stock exchange. Its a very simple idea, trading on the stock exchange with simulated money, based on real information.

You can download it here:

I would be happy to receive feedback on the app, and I would be happy if you give it a positive rating at Market.

Thanks !

Edited By erez213
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  • 2 months later ...

New app for fans of Maccabi Haifa for Android devices (version 3.2 and above).

The app will help you, the fans, keep abreast of everything related to the players and what happens to the team, We would be happy to hear your opinions and suggestions for improvements.

1. The Timeline Corner - We have assembled all the important events of the group for youWe've added them to the app. From now on you will be able to see all

Past games and all the future games of the team in a time axis, You can also add reminders to your phone about important games,

You can see YouTube abstracts and of course you can join discussions related to the relevant event / game.


2. Forum fans - You can join the discussions in the group forum, Search for rides for games and sell tickets in a forum designed for this purpose,

Please note that in order for you to comment you must login with the user name of the forum.

3. forum Online - Each week a new game gallery will be opened in which the registered members of the forum will be able to upload From the stands during the game.

You took them Yours in the gallery? You are invited to take it to the fan gallery.

4. Twitter corner -

In this corner you can track the group's leading players on the social network , Such as Dekel Keinan

And Ruben Raius and see fans tweeting Green while playing.


Download link on GOOGLE PLAY:

Green rises.

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