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Apps and games - your developments!


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A new application that I developed enables scheduling management. Sending messages, e-mails, or making calls by time, timer or location!

For example, you can send an SMS automatically once you have reached a certain location (preset), or according to a preset time.

Additional improvements and features will be added soon.


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warp I developed:

אינדקס :


The application coordinates popular sites in Israel and allows direct listening to popular radio stations in a convenient and fast way. And more ...



iPhone :

Windows Phone:

Another app:

What's in the picture - Thinking game:

The successful game four One word in the Hebrew version contains approximately 60 steps at different levels.



The Appstore:

I would be happy to have opinions and suggestions.

Edited By etzuk
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I developed some games for ANDROID. They are not the best but nice. Some of them are more beautiful and some are a little boring some with nice graphics and so on.

Well I'll list all the games I've developed for Andrew.

Sumerian Blood

As ARCHON only in the period of the guards. It's a good game I've been working on for a year but he did not succeed. He has good acting, but not very good graphics.

It does not have many downloads because only recently I made it free and when it cost money almost no one bought it.

Shotgun Practice

A small and retarded game of shoot on targets with SHOTGUN lol.

Diesel Racer

Car racing game is lovable but not polished.

The car constantly increases the speed and you control the direction of the MOTION CONTROL, you have to hold the cell phone like a steering wheel.

Concussion Boxing

A game with good graphics (relatively) but a bit slow and lacking good gameplay. Mainly because it was very difficult for me to develop a proper game of beatings in terms of gameplay.

That's it :)

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  • 2 months later ...

You have photos or clips You want to hide?

Use Hush Gallery, it's easy and simple and smart !!!

The best way to hide your photos and videos!

★ Hide photos and videos Directly from WhatsApp, Gallery and other applications

★ Protected Gallery to view hidden files

Hide photos and clips In a simple and convenient way:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

- Select the files you want to hide

- Click the 'Share' button

- Select the application "Hush Gallery"

Use the "Hush Gallery" application to view the hidden files:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Gallery protected by code

- Beautiful UI design

- Separate view of images and clips

- Multiple choice to share, delete, and unhide your files

How to use:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Select an album, , Videos from WhatsApp, Gallery, File Manager, etc., and select the "Share" option, select the "Hush Gallery" application, the media file will be automatically hidden.

need help ?

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Send us an email to

The application supports Hebrew and more than 20 languages.






Link Download:


DreamBit Team,

visit us at:

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Hello everyone,

My name is Tal and I'm a developer To an android. I wanted to share with you New I built.

Define an app for time intervals, and it will pop you up every time the time passes a random article from Wikipedia, in any language you choose (currently supports more than 60 languages)

I would be very happy to receive comments And suggestions for improvements if necessary :)

many thanks.


App Link:

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In the last few days, I have uploaded my first appellation to Market -


This is a classic memory game, with the goal of remembering pairs of Identity and then open the entire board with a minimum of errors.

Of course, when you go up every step there is more Open, the difficulty level increases and there is less room for error.

I would be happy to receive reviews and ideas for the rest!

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★★★ Mission: Birdy ★★★

Your job is to help this fragile little bird that can not stop because when it starts to fly no one can stop it.

But you! - Yes you can help her by changing her airline direction, avoiding obstacles and the angel will help Birdy get free.

So, are you ready? Come and enjoy!

★ Rules of the game: Very simple birds very delicate so it must not be hit by sharp objects. Her job is to move Birdy to one of the corners of the screen where there are no thorns.

★ Game includes 2 Modes:

Maude Merton - in which each stage is randomly generated and becomes harder and harder as you progress. (Potentil is more than different 50,000 steps).

Campaign Mode - In this mode 30 has specially built and more creative steps. The steps are more difficult and more challenging.

★ There are more than 40 achievable achievements and a general ranking of Play

Link to the game:

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In the last few months we have been working on a free application designed to improve English while writing.

The app is a standard keyboard app for everything except a small spec. If you type the wrong word, the cell phone will vibrate slightly, and you will be asked to correct the word before moving on to the next word.

(Do not worry, you can also use the word you wrote as it is, or type without interruption if necessary by pressing a button on the keyboard.)

הThis method ensures that you remember the spelling of words you have difficulty with, So you can slowly stop relying on the autocorrect.

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  • 2 months later ...

Short video:

English review:


Key features:


* The keyboard supports 90 + languages ​​that can be downloaded for free* Cool effects first of their kind as you type

* Move the cursor to the four directions by dragging your finger over the key as in the first video

* Free trial version until it loads (wtf) Explanation below


You can use the keyboard for free as much as you want to buy the paid version if you wish and when you want - you have total freedom

.The trial period can be expanded indefinitely by links you ask your Facebook friends who have the application to publish. This means that as long as you have at least one member using the app and sharing links to extend your experience, you have the free application. At most ... erase and install again. Download and click Lake to the Facebook app page (there's a bit of humor there). I do not forget to tell you experiences and suggestions, I'm the key (Vitali.pom on Google Play) and I'm sure that together we can make an end-to-end transformation in the typing experience.

App page:

Download link:


Because we love the way you typ

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Another 3D car racing game I developed. Diesel Racer 2

There are five tracks, two levels of difficulty and a goal.

There are also LEADERBOARDS with GAMECIRCLE's .

People who played the game said it was very fun and really wanted to play a few players in local wifi, but I have not realized it yet.

Let's have some fun!


A little Scarin Shoots:


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  • 2 weeks later ...

Download Download SelfieMap - Turns on to check-in for Facebook

SelfieMap is a free application that allows you to do a cool check-in ...

Are you bored what the usual check-in of ??

Have you ever forgotten to check-in and have already moved somewhere else ??

SelfieMap combines the salafi image and your location on the map and with the help of cool tools creates

The perfect check-in

SelfieMap is the only application that allows you to design and create the check-in in your style:• Place the selfie image, or any other image on the map!

• Select the map type!

• Select the desired location, even if you are not there anymore!

• Design your image with effects and frames!

• can be added More.

• Add more objects - symbols (like Emoji), text, drawing ...

In 2 simple steps, design the perfect check-in and share it on Facebook, , WTSAP or any other media.


Link download from Google Play:


Visit us on the site DreamBit Apps או Facebook

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