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Apps and games - your developments!


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Zigon Memory Game You have to watch the picture for 12 seconds and then try to answer the questions associated with the picture! Each stage has a new image and new questions.

To finish the game you must pass over 100 steps. At this point, the game is updated with new pictures and questions every week. At each stage there is one picture you can see for 12 seconds and one to three questions related to the picture. The order of the images and the steps is completely random, as soon as you have reviewed any image and you have passed a step you will not see the image any other time.

For every correct answer you will earn 20 coins and for every wrong answer you will lose 40 coins in the game. Game Zigun - a game There is a tools store where you can buy the following options with the coins of the game:
● Added 5 seconds to view the image in each step - 200 coins.
● Earn double coins on each correct answer - 400 coins.
● Lose less coins on each wrong answer - 500 coins.
You can buy any product only once during the game.

Download link:

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Hello everyone,
I developed To an android who can help us with the common parking lot problem - where did I park the vehicle? 
In principle, none of us really remember whether he parked the car on the floor - 1, line 2 No. 15, or he does remember and writes notes cell phone but then gets involved with finding it. 
The app will take care of all of these things in a convenient and user-friendly manner, in addition to additional features of parking location and parking sharing with others.
What floor was it on? 
I'd love to download the app (free) and reviews. Emo13.gif 
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  • 2 months later ...

Hello friends,

I just published a new game for Google Play: Business Tycoon 3 - Economy under attack


It is a business strategy game that each player manages his own business and develops it in a variety of areas: business, transportation, investment resources and many other fields ...

In the new version, each player also builds and trains His own to protect his business and attack the contestants!


Invited to play, who knows from time to time is similar game in the concept of Gindis, King of the armies, Battle Dawn and the like.

Business Tycoon 3 - Economy under attack



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  • 4 months later ...
 A really old quiz I had to renew (Google demanded) so I decided to change graphics, add two more sub-games (attractions and Forex trivia), Arabic language support and result rating (Google Play Leaderboard).

 There was a post years ago on the forum, but I changed a lot of things, so I don't seem to have a problem with that.
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HandsFree Android App for Bouncing Ads 2:


Receive notification when the ads are not popped up or when they are about to expire Log in to the app and bounce all the ads with one button.




You can see the status of all ads and bounce:



I would love reviews, of course I would improve things if I see use.

Edited By snbh
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  • 2 months later ...

A small (but difficult!) Thinking game. I built the WEB a few months ago, now I've fixed some things + taken out to GP. Everything is done in CONSTRUCT2 graphics Everything in INKSCAPE is just the music from audiojungle.
APK was built by CORDOVA.
Welcome to download, play and maybe even rate in GP thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


Google Play:

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  • 3 months later ...

SmartWord - Learn English languages ​​and words for psychometric








The SmartWord app is the best solution for learning words in different languages ​​and learning English for psychometric.


It's free!
Unlimited amount of words per day.


It's psychometric optimized!
The app contains a psychometric word category, so you can learn psychometric or AMR easily and efficiently.


It is easy!
Choose the language you want to learn from the 12 available languages ​​and start right away.


It's smart!
The app uses an effective and proven method for memorizing words quickly and simply. The curriculum is tailored to your level and varies according to your learning ability.


It's custom!
Translate any word you want using Translate from anywhere on the device, and add it to learning. You can create your own word categories and share them with other people.
You can set a daily goal for learning or due date to ensure effective learning. You can also watch your progress at any given time.


Download SmartWord now and you will see your improvement in no time!

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