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Comprehensive track manager for certified communications networks Microsoft mcsa 2012 with ccna expertise


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Hello everyone .

In the coming days I am supposed to study the Comprehensive Track for a certified communications network manager mcsa 2012 with ccna expertise.

The course costs NIS 19000.

I made inquiries with people and acquaintances and on the Internet in the various forums and a little gave me the confidence that at John Bryce's adviser he introduced that those who finish the course with the requirements are taking care of his work and the salaries range from 6K - And Otto from work I'm talking about net ..

I've seen on the forums that people who get the trouble to find work even for interviews do not summon them because these certificates simply are not enough

So before I go to throw 19000 I thought I wanted to hear what you experienced people in the field say it's worth having a job go for it may not recommend something else please help me this is very important.

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Do not spend a cent on authority. This is a piece of paper that will not give you anything if you do not have the tools you have purchased while working.

Do you think that "consultant" from another college lie any really interested in your success or career?

Start working and companies that employ you will finance producer certifications.

On this note, it is transferred to a general forum.

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Hi as the forum manager, I believe that your opinions about colleges and school boards should not be written here.

Therefore, and in order to discover the pleasures of my name, Nofar, I work at John Bryce High-Tech College.

And the writer of the forum is interested in hearing someone not on behalf of the college,

But in view of the reaction I allow myself to respond with your permission. So I'm not objective, but I'm definitely

Can tell you what success is.

First of all, to the author of the message you can relax. The institution to which you register is the best professional institution for computer studies in Israel, and this is not what I say, but a permanent Geocartography survey - for the third consecutive year! You have "Mom and Dad" to contact them for any question.

Second, over 12,000 graduates have been placed in our largest companies in the market. And it is important to emphasize that the authority has a direct connection to the acceptance to work.

And employers certainly look at it when they examine a candidate who has not done a degree. The authority of John Bryce High-Tech College is considered in the market for several reasons:

We serve as gold partners of the major companies

(For those who do not know - the highest level of accreditation given to training centers in the world)

2. We maintain the level of the certificate of accreditation and admission requirements for studies so that it presents a high level of graduates

3. Adjusting the course for the student

4. We are committed to finding work for 4 tracks only, as opposed to other colleges that present the unrealistic market for students, and a pity.

One of our tracks is Microsoft Certified Network Manager. You can read more about this:

Thanks to all this, the college enables graduates to get ready for the job market after they have laid hands on practice,

So, to open the message, you are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have :)

Or add me on Facebook.

Please note that our graduate placement department is available at the end of the course to find a job with a commitment and to help you write a resume without additional payment!

And of course the course coordinator is at your disposal at all times.

Have a lot of luck!

water lily

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Nofar, the first Kabbalists on the professional notice.

And yet I fully disagree with the distinction that the forum manager should remain neutral in such a situation.

This is a person who runs a forum with close ties to high-tech, and as such one can assume that he has (personal) knowledge on the subject.

He did not attack your college, but spoke in general terms about such degrees and what actually happens from his point of view in the labor market.

To me it is precisely his job to write his opinions here.

And to open the post, remember that this is one person with one opinion, I would not rush to make a decision one way or the other on this basis.

Try to ask more people.

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I quite agree with Yevgeny, the courses in Israel are simply not worth the investment.

The tracks are usually longer than 5 than necessary to justify the price, the price is excessive, and the ways of learning too much "by the book" at a level that I think is bordered by a reduction of the head (the lecturers usually call a number that costs NIS 100, By Etc., but does not really produce the highest chances of success in the test or for studying the material professionally).

mcse and ccna are great certifications, they will give you a very important background to theme networks and theme servers . The question is how best to get this important background.

In addition there is another very important question which is, what will you do with this knowledge and whether it really is the knowledge you need / want (there are hundreds of certifications in computing, you need to choose your own direction).

Personally - I would recommend that you try to learn the qualifications you have basic knowledge in, learn by Or book, prepare with sample tests, and take the exam yourself.

If you are really good at it and understand this - you can be qualified for a quarter of the time and at minimal cost.

If you have no idea of ​​this and you do not have a chance to study alone, it is probably not the right choice to start with her anyway.

If you are just afraid of English and think that a course is a good solution to learn computers without learning English - no.

Good luck! (:

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Lanoffer - I can certainly give an opinion here about the educational institutions in Israel and the value of the qualifications. As a person who works from yesterday in the field and has seen a lot (especially how system departments are run in various companies in Israel), I can say that all these qualifications are worth nothing without a person working and working alone in his field.

Those who love it are preoccupied with the subject of life and there is also their personal success.

Do not look for something to learn, but start working in the field and learn in the process.

Need Hardware / Software Manufacturer Certification? Your company will pay for it because it's for the good of both of you.

I, my wife, need to do some of the X company's Y power only to receive benefits from the company to which I work. Every other person who works in Tucham does exactly the same thing.

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Yevgeny, you're good enough to work at it ...

There are a lot of people who need the qualification to be hired, or need to be certified to enter a field they have no idea of.

The discussion begins -

It does not sound like you've decided which area you're targeting yourself. Without knowing what you are going to be working on (in what area, specifically the specific equipment you are going to deal with) you can not choose a qualification that you will be relevant to.

This demand is given relative to the work area, there will be more "beneficial" and less authority for the same domain, but try to compare the authority of information security to dba's certifications it is quite pointless ...

By the way, do not make a consideration according to "what sounds cool to you" because usually the actual work is far from what it sounds,

Do a serious study of the work itself, read examples, watch videos, Understand The actual work, learn the basics yourself, set up a basic system within a virtual machine and make it function basically (provide some output, do what it is supposed to do in a basic way).

In this sense, it is the earliest point to enter into the matter of authorizations:

Oh yeah, and you have to be a lot more realistic and know why you go in, what it will demand from you and what you will get from it.

I have friends with mcse 2003 that to date have not reached net 7000, some have left the computing field, some are still technicians And despite these qualifications, they never integrated into the system, etc.

These certifications alone, with nothing in addition to them, will not really provide you with anything (certainly not a x salary with from work).

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Do not look for something to learn, but start working in the field and learn in the process.

Need Hardware / Software Manufacturer Certification? Your company will pay for it because it's for the good of both of you.

grip : xyxthumbs:

I know many people who have fallen into this trap of doing a shortened course (a year) and quickly integrate into the job market with a respectable salary (I'm also one of those people)

From experience - the commitment to finding a job is nonsense and I would be glad that Nofar or anything else sends a link / document to a contract that requires them to find a job ... and if they do not find a job the money will be returned?

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