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Who are you students of HW ... a few details about your institution and studies


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To computer science fellows what are the possible fields of work?

My intention is that I have friends who started to study and most of them left or changed a field.

One of the reasons was that some of them could not describe themselves sitting all day in a five-by-five-foot cubicle, and all day typing notes and orders. It is supposedly monotonous and boring work ...

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At least 60% of high-tech work is in front of other people.

Those who sit all day in the room alone

A. Doing something wrong,

B. Probably doing a bad job.

(For the purposes of the wick - no longer a student, a bachelor's degree in computer engineering at the Hebrew University, an MBA in Tel Aviv University)

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Third Year Geography and Environmental Development Haifa University.

Graduate of electrical engineering.

Geography is one of my dilemmas in future degree studies.

Can you say if there is work in the field in Israel, and how do you study in terms of interest and difficulty?

And is it appropriate for nature lovers, or is there no connection at all?

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