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Case - 200


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I would go for it:

Three fans contrary to what is listed on the site:

Fan control \ filter supplier \ silent fans \ work without tools \ blown door for power cable storage.

Seems to me like too much for NIS 200 ..

Package from the new GB models and looks like great value for money. I have good experience with Of GB.

The senator is quite outdated unless he has been updated and comes with only one fan.

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To tell the truth about gigabytes is a bit rough for me (more true to my sister - the computer is knowledgeable for her).

What looks good in the meantime are these:

elite 311

elite 430

compucase 63r3

enermax oestrog

The sharkoon also looks cute but I don't know the company and don't know if it is quality.

Not all of these cases (except 430) are hard to find at all, so it's hard for me to decide.

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When it comes to an office computer, there's no reason to go for a 2-fan chassis.

I would go for:

- Expensive option- nzxt source 210 (Black or white) - Very quiet and high quality and relatively spacious enclosure.

- Cheap option - Salman ZM-T1 Although it contains a 92 mm fan, it should still be quiet and this is an excellent price for such a chassis.

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The Salman is an abbreviated case, strangely built I wouldn't have chosen it unless I had a special reason. Not only does it cost NIS 100.

Do not understand what it means how many fans there are in the chassis as long as it gives a better value for money, if it costs like a chassis with one fan

So should you go for a case with one fan because use is my office?

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This chassis is economical, what didn't you like about it? And with all due respect, the only cases you'll find for $ 100 will be Generic.

Thanks to its internal hardware form, it can even support gaming systems with long video cards. It has loads of ventilation slots including a filter at the bottom, convenient upper connections, a carrier at the bottom and not at the top, noise / vibration elastic bands and even the option of inserting water cooling pipes.

If you ask me, not only does this chassis pay off, but it's the most lucrative (its price in other stores is around $ 150, overseas is around $ 25). In NIS 200 you will find With similar features only they are not "shortened".

The chassis (along with a lot Which cost up to NIS 180) do not match ATX boards, so if the discussion opener did buy an ATX board or intends to insert a system with such a board, the case will of course not be suitable.

The amount of fans is relevant as the system is noisier (especially over time) and enters much more dust. If there is a 200 NIS enclosure that will include 5 fans - will you offer one such? There is a difference between lucrative and unnecessary.

The gz-g1 is packed and definitely a possibility. I recommended the source 210 as a top budget chassis because I did get to work on it and I was just amazed by its quality and elegance over its price.

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It's convenient for you to say "economical" now that the truth is that it is a dense enclosure where everything is crammed, before we even begin to calculate all of its additional drawbacks

standard. Also, there is no requirement for such a chassis. Regardless of how it doesn't fit the requirements.

And if I have an option to choose between a highly invested chassis with its five fans, or in this case the GB with three, including smart and comfortable construction,

Partial filter, fan control buttons, silent fans, toolless work, etc. across a simple case with one fan for a similar price I would probably offer it.

It gives better value for the money you pay.

If you had no reason to take such a case, and if I had to choose between a reasonable generic case of normal size and this salman, the truth would be that it was generic.

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Well the gigabyte is out of stock.

We went down to:

elite 311

elite 430

sharkoon vs3-s

enermax oestrog

Enramex looks really good .. Anyone have any experience with it?

In summary, what would you recommend going from these four?

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