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Bitcoin - the main and official discussion


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Following article on google Bitcoin, And the great interest in the subject (over 35 thousand views so far), I decided to open a discussion here.

I wanted first of all to clarify something about Bitcoin - Bitcoin is a digital and distributed currency. Distributed word is a bit confusing, so here's the explanation:

The currency is represented in bits and bytes in computer files that are duplicated on every computer that runs the Bitcoin software. This means that there are hundreds of thousands and millions of copies of currency documentation - transactions, trade, and mining.

And the most important meaning of this point: it is not possible to close the "booth" of Bitcoin. No central server concentrates currency activity, so countries, or organizations (economic or otherwise) can not threaten its existence. However, it should be noted that currency fluctuations can be influenced quite simply by injecting large amounts of money into the system or selling large amounts of coins at once. This will increase the value of the currency (if they buy a large amount of currency or sell a large amount in a short time) or fall in value (by flooding the market with a large amount of coins) - a classic example is the fall of the currency value in 2011 following a hacker that broke into the stock exchange system MTGOX And sold a large amount of Bitcoin in one shot. The flooding (beyond the act of breakthrough itself) caused the fall of the great and sudden value.

However, as the currency strengthens and solidifies in the global market, it will be more difficult for such operations to significantly affect its value, because of the volume of trade that will reach the point where it is most difficult to tilt the value of the currency.

I hope that I will be able to answer any questions that arise, and in any case, I will be happy to help any forum member who wishes to answer or refine one point or another.

Thank you all!

And for the detractors and those who think that Batkin is a Ponzi scheme because he is not supported by one country or another, and thanks to Manny Rosenfeld, who provided the following text:

I suggest to anyone who claims that Bitcoin is some kind of fraud, to think first of a simpler question:

Is there any point in the idea of ​​a completely digital currency that can be easily and inexpensively used by the computer and the Internet for everyone in the world, whether it is a friend or a business owner; Which is not subject to any particular country, bank or company; Enabling every entrepreneur to carry out economic innovation on an open platform; And that gives each person the personal empowerment to control his money?

And if so, how would you do such a thing differently than Bitcoin? In a way that you would have thought less "scami"? The question is rhetorical - before Bitcoin was not known any way to create a digital currency distributed. Today there are a number of ideas for this, but none has been proven to be better than Bitcoin. If we want to move the economy to the 21 century, there will be side effects such as an opportunity for profit for those who make informed investment decisions.

Talk about the fact that Shtekoyen is a Ponzi was in fashion at 2012 ... but seriously, we have already passed this stage. In view of this, it is possible to bring the giant companies all over the world and in all areas that have already realized its potential and began to receive payments in Bitcoin. Here you can specify the

Dell, Newegg, Wordpress, Zynga, Imgur, Fiverr, Wikipedia, Free Software Foundation, The Pirate Bay, XKCD, Tor

And more and more (I hope that a respected hardware enthusiast audience like this will appreciate the presence of Newegg in the list). For this reason, it is possible to add eBay in the process of adoption of Bitcoin, IBM announcing its intention to use Bitcoin's technology, and more.

For those interested in learning more about Bitcoin, I have several sources to offer:

An article explaining the benefits of Bitcoin:אז-למה-בכלל-צריך-את-זה/

Breaking Common Myths:אבל-שמעתי-ש/

Bitcoin Group in Israel:

YouTube channel with lectures etc:

Facebook Group for discussions:

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Sween, click on the line that starts with the word "Porsche", and this will bring you to the sale ad itself.

Incidentally, sales of this magnitude lead to the use of a trust account (third party) - in which the money is deposited (or betcoin in this case) until the goods are received, and then the money is immediately transferred to the seller. Thus, both sides can be calm (assuming that the place they deposit is reliable) that the transaction will take place and no one will run away with the money before receiving the goods.

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Here there is a good guide in Hebrew One of the most common mining programs (GUIMINER)

It is very important to remember that if the graphics card is used for mining, it is necessary to ensure optimum ventilation first, because the temperature will rise very quickly, and around 85 degrees it is likely that the computer will stop or give a blue screen. And in any case not particularly healthy computer.

Pre-warning: Due to the entry of dedicated computers into the mining field in recent weeks, the level of difficulty has climbed and is still climbing, so do not expect to cut down quickly. In addition, you will get faster results with mining for a pool group - the difference is that you will get a proportionate share of the block that has been harvested according to the computing power you add to the group. And that means 0.01-0.05 Bitcoin every few hours - depending on the power of your graphics card.

There are mining groups that provide integrated mining - Bitcoin, and other currencies (such as IXCOIN or DEVCOIN or NAMECOIN) at the same time.

I'm using a-Bitparking, But also in50BTC and-DEEPBIT And there are many other groups.

To give you a comparison point, I do not work continuously (it's hard to work on the computer while it is mined because it gets hotter and slower because of mining), and mining through mining groups over a few weeks - only. Of course if you are a miner for yourself, and if you have access to a computer network then the image can be completely different. Still, today the block will give 25 coins only, and to get a block, your computer will work Until two years..

Because of this, some people think it is better to buy the coins than to cut them.


Oh, and Johnny Bravo-you can and there are those who trade Bitcoin through Ebay, with bills containing a code that allows you to get a certain amount of coins. I do not know how reliable it is and if it works, I just did a short search there.

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In fact, it can be cut by a processor only (each kernel separately, some or all of them together) but the task is to decrypt SHA encryption - and for this purpose the processors running on Much more efficient. When you use the software mentioned in the manual, and install the appropriate drivers, you can cut through the graphics card - and when you are using it, you can choose whether to use the core processor as well.

To the best of my knowledge, although we have a respectable presence in the field of Bitcoin (for international participants), there is currently no Israeli POOL.

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