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Bitcoin - the main and official discussion


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^^^ Exactly, where is the central "bank"?

There is no central bank. That's the whole thing in the maze

There is a finite amount of money that can exist in the world and value, like any other currency in the world, is determined by what people believe / are willing to pay

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I do not think it's too late to join, the question is just how. The feasibility of mining may no longer be particularly good, but accumulating currencies through purchase and trading is certainly not a bad idea (in my opinion).

This is not a bank, and there is no central entity here. The system is built so it is like Which operates through its stations. The system divides coins on the first base that decodes its signature block, entitling it to a coin block.

There is a finite amount of coins (21 million), we are currently about 11 million. When the currencies are over, trade will increase, and will pass (before that seems to me) to trade in decimal fractions of the currency, so that it will never "end". (First a tenth, then a hundredth and a thousandth of a coin, etc.)

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The two leading coins after They are Solidkine, and Neimkoyen, but their value is hundreds of percentage points lower than that of . In addition, there is the ripple which is a system that tries to insert the To a more orderly exchange system. Perhaps I shall elaborate on it later on.

In the meantime, I recommend to all the readers to read the entire article including the explanatory that explains in a relatively clear way how Employee.

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To your questions: This exchange rate is characteristic of a currency or commodity at the beginning of its path. Especially when the same currency shows the ability to exchange existing currencies.

It is unlikely that a country or even the world will adopt it As official currency because it is difficult to be unmanageable - transactions are documented in Blockchain, but show only the addresses of the senders and recipients - how can such a currency be taxed? How can government monetary policy be enforced?

I believe that the currency has not reached its peak yet, and especially if the main stock exchange - MTGOX - will start trading in a tenth or a hundredth of a coin, it will create a psychological effect that will give Bitcoin a renewed push to new highs.

Regardless of Bitcoin or not , In my opinion, a world currency will not solve the problems in the global economy. One can see a classic example in the euro currency that not only did not solve problems, but mainly created new problems. It was created (quite a bit because) encouraged by the rich countries of the European Union and helped them, until the economic crisis, which then pushed the poorest countries in the EU to a deeper economic depression than they were if they were not part of the European Monetary Union and the rich countries of the deficits created by the assistance requested from them. That's why there's talk of breaking up the euro zone.

Here are two videos that have emerged following the meteoric rise of recent days (from 36 to 46 but now back to 38) and talk about A Ponzi scheme, or a bubble about to explode:

BitCoin Ponzi Scheme

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Here is a warning from one of the founders of Bitcoin (Gavin Andersen):

And with all my currency support, he's right. And this is true for any speculative investment or specific currency investment: Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. I was sorry I did not invest more two months ago, but do you know what will happen to Bitcoin soon? He might drop. Meteoric rises tend to drop. but I believe Which in the long term is a good investment. For me at least.

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And just by the way to black readers: the currency returned to the level of about 42 dollars per bit. As I said before, the currency tends to be unstable, which is characteristic of a new financial product. This will continue until the number of users exceeds a certain threshold. The instability is related to the fact that it is easy to affect the exchange rate by buying or selling sudden massive currency, but as the currency strengthens and becomes more widespread, such actions will become more severe and their level of influence on the market itself will fall.

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