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Wondering what to learn

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Programming is not for me, and for my average computer science matriculation exams roughly 70-75, I've seen that threshold is minimum 85. I kinda want to specialize in the field of support, so it seems to me that I will start HELPDESK and from there I will already see how to progress and what to do. Management It's also something that interests me, MCITP.

The question is whether you should register directly for a management course Or start at HELPDESK to gain experience and then go on the MCITP?

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As multicore suggested, you will start with some helpdesk and see if it interests you and whether there are other things in related fields that interest you.

If so, you can start studying at the same time. Not necessarily a course, most of these subjects are easy to learn alone and there is a lot of material on the Internet.

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Amazon's parade continues

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