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Preparatory course at Tel Aviv University


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I have a full maturity with 4 math units and I want to improve to 5 units.

I have heard that the University's preparatory program continues a year in which this matriculation is completed

I signed up for the university as of October. I just miss a psychometric exam that I complete in July

Matriculation average adjusted: 89.04

1) Should I do a preparatory course if the profession I want to study at the university is economics and management?

2) Has anyone experienced this and can recommend?

Can we study more subjects (such as expansion subjects) through this preparatory course?

4) How much is this supposed to cost?

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great, thanks,

And if I do a psychometric exam and the grade is not high enough for economics and management, then it is worth doing the preparatory course?

Because I understood that through it it is also possible to improve psychometric tests, and I am afraid that I will retire in the middle of the course and understand that you are preparing me for the course.

Or is it better to take a psychometric course and try to "survive" in economics and management without a preparatory course?


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I meant that the score of the psychometric test + the matriculation certificate is 660-680, not just the psychometric exam.

If I go to the next site

And write down the grade of the matriculation exams (89.04) and the psychometric exam 800 (theoretically, of course), I still do not reach the admission threshold.

So I thought of a preparatory program to replace the matriculation exams.

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A 660-680 match score in Tel Aviv is a high score.

Without a weighted average score of 104 or higher, it will be very difficult for you to reach this score.

Because you have done 4 math units, assuming you have not done physics you will have a very hard time getting average matriculation and such high scores (5 math and physics units add 10 points to summarize / score your match).

As you describe it you need to improve your entire matriculation certificate in order to reach this score. Therefore, I see only 2 options:

1. Make a preparatory program that the risk is that if you do not get the required grade you will not be accepted.

2. You will improve your entire matriculation certificate, which is not really feasible.

Sorry if I defeated you I just have an experience with this institution so I know what the 660-680 match score means, it is very difficult for a person without the average matriculation exams of 104 + to reach this recap.

My recommendation will first make a psychometric exam and you'll see how much you get, and then you'll get an idea of ​​what grade you prepare / average matriculation exams you need and decide if it's feasible.

If you do not look for another institution to study it.

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Hey, I was in a similar situation to you a few years ago .. Average maturity 91, math 3 CGI, etc. (I was busy Counter Strike in high school and not homework ..) and 729 physiochemistry.

I did the preparatory course in Tel Aviv, taking into account that I did not work or anything else during this year because I wanted to invest as much as possible, and I took out 94 finals.The studies there are English 5, Math 5, Physics 5 and type of logic course.

In any case, beyond the fact that the program opened up all of the possibilities in ONI and I am now a first year student in electrical engineering, I feel that I have a significant advantage in linear algebra and physics courses because the level in the preparatory program is beyond the high school level, and the teaching method is very similar to the university method , Practice, etc.)

In general, if you think you are capable of it, there is also a half-year plan that begins in January in my opinion ... but I did not want to take the risk

As for the price, it is not cheap at all ... but you can pay from the deposit. That's a thousand 16 if I remember correctly.

I would advise you to go to counseling and guidance for candidates, I do not really remember how I got to them but a quick flutter at the university site and you will find the phone. They were the ones who recommended me to the preparatory program

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  • 2 months later ...

Thanks X-WarrioR

I update the discussion here because the results of the psychometric exam have arrived

My score is 500 : s0432::(

The level of English is advanced A. According to Tel Aviv University

Now the question is whether to really do a preparatory course at the university or to study at a psychometric institute (someone heard about a student - the student union?)

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