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Advice from the forum members regarding computer science studies

Yaniv 51

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My older brother has a degree in physics. There is no problem finding a job in high-tech. I was at the Technion at 96 but at that time I started studying physics and I remember that there were regular programs for completing the degree of engineer in a variety of fields. The completion required only another year. And if I remember correctly, the longest consummation was electricity and it was a year + summer semester. I do not know how things have changed but you can check. . There is a program here that shows that the rate is about (40) points per year and another (not combined) degree in CS is 159 points. This means that with proper planning of the forerunners and courses you will probably be able to spend 4 years on 2 titles. I have a friend who did it with mathematics. I see that it is no longer offered.

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You have talked a lot about preparatory courses and universities and the various advantages.

Where do you place Ariel?

No one knows. Everyone judges by experience and because she is new there is no experience. It is not clear what the differences are, if there is a college time. Personally I only know the adult 2 I worked with and they were serious. But according to the sample of 2 it is impossible to determine anything. I know there are people here who interview so maybe they can shed light on the subject.

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I knew a lot of Ariel students and they were all stupid. On the other hand, I know a lot more idiots than my university ...

On the educational level there is no real difference from her time as a college and if I understand correctly, on average, the level of lecturers is less good than the other universities.

Is this supposed to change you? Not necessarily.

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