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Help with math


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Can something explain the second equation in YAHOO? I understand the meter but how it got the sequel (the opening of the SIN ...)

- - - Unified response: - - -

(Uncle Moshe, although I think that direction is true, I could not get out of these equations ...)

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I really went out of a dummy ... How did I not see that only in t ^ 2 = 1 would the expression get lost? They have already seen that the sum of the coefficients is 0 : kopfpatsch:

You have to be in this particular case and a wise guy and see for yourself that one and minus one are zero. Then you divide the polynomial into t ^ 2-1 and find the two imaginary solutions of the damned equation.

How will you do this in a general case ... Kill me, because there is no answer with me.

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Rabek, I invested in the post, I clicked to see a preview and it was deleted, and I can not go down a line either. Well at least I have attached a file of graph and tangent = /. (One case out of two)

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It does not appear on any page of formulas that are impressive in tests :(

By the way, if the coefficients do not reset your method will not work, because the sum of the coefficients can be anything you want if it is not zero. This is because you can double the expression in whatever you want (it's equal to zero anyway, so what can you double in something random?), And then you get a different amount of coefficients. : s0432:

Anyway, this trick is nice, I'll remember it :)

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