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Where is the eyepiece of a central mini air conditioner?


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The sign does not respond, and the house after coloring. So it seemed to me that the eyepiece was covered with paint.

Where's the eyepiece?

I have a manual command that can be used to operate the air conditioner on heat / cold / OFF and fan and temperature.

Thanks to the tortured.

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There is nothing in the open air. You see only pipes The rooms and that's it.

In the unit outside, a model is written:

ANL / AN-853H

Of Tadiran.

According to the PDF file, I see that there is a unit like the one in the picture.

I also have it but it is not connected to any data cable as in the picture.

It was connected in the living room, so I think there was some cable that fed this wireless eye unit.

It was connected with one screw, without any data cable.

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