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Question about the right of other university courses


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Hello everyone,

I will finish my military service soon and plan to start studying computer science at Ben-Gurion University.

I have a few more months, and I'm accepted with my grades and psychometric exams as they are right now.

I thought while I had to do a course of

1 Infinitesimal Calculus

2 Infinitesimal Calculus

At the Open University. To my surprise, I found out that I would receive exemption from these courses in my title - I will not get any points for them - and Alitz complete the exam from other courses, which is a waste of time and money for me.

What do you think about this? Does anyone have experience in a similar case?

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Sounds a bit strange to me. At Tel Aviv University they also recognize such courses (such as calculus / infi) from other universities, and also count them in the number of credits for the degree, but do not put their grade on the average (in the certificate, the score simply appears as a "fetus").

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You can not compare a course like 1,2 Infiniti to elective courses, an elective course you can push for a full semester and still be fine, Infy is a "market" course and other people It is very busy.

Your average will only increase and it is likely that it will take you a very long time.

Even when you sign up for a semester you can make a lot of points before someone tells you something, so it's doubtful that it will make you pay twice.

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Okay, so what I said was valid for the Technion, I assumed it worked like this in all the universities; At the beginning of the discussion it is worth asking someone from the WC to know for sure.

Here you pay for a semester where you can take up to 30 points before you make any problems.

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Let's assume for a moment that I am willing to pay a few thousand more shekels at the moment, in order to make it easier and raise the average for the title itself:

Will the grade pass to Ben-Gurion University, or will it just be marked 'Exempt' or 'Pass' or something like that?

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Call the faculty office and ask, they'll have a better answer than Leno.

I did it already, and they answered me quite clearly:


After admissions to the department, you can submit a grade and syllabus of the course. The decision to grant you an exemption from the course will be accepted individually by the department

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