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I do not get it, why would anyone want to buy one xbox?


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The price in Europe is 500 EUR and UK 450 GBP which is about NIS 2600 (including VAT in the UK that is about the same as in Israel), meaning the price in Israel should be 2800-2900.

In addition, it's probably a DAY ONE model that can come up with a screwed drive and then God only knows how to get the money back / bring a working device (I know it's a small percentage of defective but still).

By the way, for a much lower price (around the 2200, which is the price of the console in Europe), you can bring it From eBay, just check that the power is 110-230V and not 110V only.

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But that, too, is not an example. That the device costs more in the US than anywhere else, and in Europe it is a minimum of EUR 500 before taxes, or $ 680 before taxes.

In Germany sold for 530 Euro including game. UK 710 $ no game and no taxes. Which is already 3400 chess with Israeli taxes.

But yes, this is a first swallow, probably coming from the KSP itself.

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I thought he was saying that the price on sites does not include VAT and the prices are higher there once they buy (by the way, it's very common in the US to say that the price is not VAT). In short my calculation was true, the price should be 2800-2900 weighed, everything above it is to start stealing that land must 100% profit ...

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