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Learning MCSA


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I would like to start learning an MCSA course.

First of all, I'm debating where to study, in John Bryce or in Hagerio.

The tendency for Hakariu now is that I have become more connected to their curriculum, but I would be happy to know what your recommendation is.

Another thing, I wanted to know whether it is feasible to start studying independent MCSA at home.

The course opened another two and a half months and I thought to start studying at home alone, and if that goes well I might skip the course.

I thought of taking the first 70-640 questionnaire, for example, from a friend who completed the course six months ago.

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to HWzone.

First of all, the IT forum is intended for discussion rather than recommendations for undergraduate studies, and therefore the discussion is transferred to a study forum.

Now for your questions:

1. I hope you do not intend to study or take exams on account of your money and time.

2. What do you hope to achieve with this above-mentioned Hasmone?

3. What exactly did you like in the Hacker U curriculum? All this consent can be learned alone (including laboratories) and only take the exam.

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Thanks for the quick response!

This is an area that really interests me, I'm not currently aiming for a degree so learning a certificate is more appropriate for me.

Of course, once I have the qualification, whether I go on a course at a college or manage alone,

I would like to find work in the field and continue to CCNA.

I became more attached to Hakaryo because I am interested in a more intensive course of morning studies, and this is something that is possible in comparison with John Bryce.

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And what do you think is the best way to learn independently?

I took a book from the 70-640 questionnaire for a start.

Is this a good way to learn? And what about practice?

Should I go to videos in PracticU, for example?

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Why do you want to learn MCSA?

Start from the end - open a job list, look for jobs that you see and check the skills required for them. Assures you that you will not find a normal job that requires MCSA (or any other nonsensical certification).

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Detail what your goal, knowledge and experience are.

When I did this course, it was one of the biggest mistakes I made.

Still, quite a bit of money and time went to me. For the diploma you can learn on your own, the material does not renew almost anything to those who are interested and strong in the field

I would say that the book is unnecessary too - if you have a little more basic knowledge of the networks

The difficulty is mainly in the English language in tests, for those who have a problem with it

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And another little thing,

You should first study the 70-680 questionnaire and then the 70-640?

You'd better do 70-410.

You will learn to qualify for 2012.

The test is also easier, and the qualification is more up to date (not that it is such a matter).

And you do not even need the 70-680 for the MCSA.

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