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Consultation regarding further studies (master's degree) for an industrial engineer


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I am a graduate of Industrial Engineering and Management from Shenkar. I finished two years ago (and I have almost two years experience). I'm 29. I have a quantitative GMAT with an 48 score. I began to think seriously about the possibility of a master's degree. the reasons:

1. I want to go back to being a student. Also socially, also because I want to expand my horizons further.

2. More options for professional advancement - even bureaucratic, also better training that will allow an advantage over others.

3. Some possibility of demanding higher wages.

4. Improve the tagging of "college". This label is very upsetting, given that I am unequivocally more intelligent than many university graduates and have not bad scholastic abilities at all. (On the other hand, of course I understand this stigma.

Right now I'm engaged in a role where I have two "hats":

1. SQL key (including BI and so on)

2. Industrial Engineer / Information Systems (Modules Module for ERP System)

I have no idea what area I want to develop, just as I had no idea what I wanted to do before my degree. All the following things interest me:

  • Financial Management
  • Inventory management and supply chains
  • SQL development (complex queries, functions, complex reports ... administration, much less)

Areas that I would least like to engage in are:

  • PMO
  • Characteristics / Product Management

I am aware that in the end, skills and experience are crucial. Sure and certainly in SQL / BI, where professional knowledge is more important than academic education. But I'm not interested in the title solely for professional advancement. In my opinion knowledge / education are tools that help in the future, in some way. Do not have to be unequivocally related to occupation. Of course - harmless because they will help directly.

The three tracks on which I think (and are reasonably reasonable):

My parameters to choose from are:

  • Distance and arrival time to the institution. It's kind of important, because anyway I'll be full of madness. I will probably be living in Ra'anana at the time of my degree.
  • How interesting it would be and it would advance my knowledge
  • How much it will help me at work and will be "considered" by employers

The title actually the most "stimulating" me is statistics. It seems to me a nice addition to knowledge. The problem is that we can reach Haifa University without It's just an absolute nightmare, it makes an impression. Or am I wrong? The question is whether anyone will even apply to this title.

A master's degree in industrial engineering is the "classical" track. The probability that I will get lower is because it is not Haifa University and there is no dependence on GMAT. To Tel Aviv Governor, I do not accept. And there is also a train ride (much more reasonable than Haifa - and direct to the university).

The degree in management sciences / finance will be convenient, because it's in Tel Aviv, and it's also relatively "prestigious" - it's not easy to get into Tel Aviv (you need a good GMAT, not everyone really does.) On the other hand, Which is very specific to the finance field, which is a disadvantage (unless I was close to wanting to deal only with it).

Right now I tend to go to Tel Aviv, for the simple reason - I do not have the strength to load myself a few more hours a week, processing the load of the master's degree.

I'd love to know :-)

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I did not really understand why you wanted to do a master's degree in industrial engineering and management.

The first and last reason does not seem serious to me (without insulting). The only thing I think a Masters degree can help with today - assuming you do not want to pursue a PhD or an academic career - is a fundamental change in your career.

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First of all it's not insulting. I would love to hear comments or opinions of any kind, as long as these are serious opinions.

The first reason is certainly less serious. Of course, she alone is very far away from making me spend the time, the money and the energy. She does add a little to the decision - because I loved being a student. If I were suffering from it, I suppose it would make me more deterred, even if it was very "smart". In short, that's not what matters here, you're right.

The last reason in itself is definitely "not serious." I mean, obviously I'm not going to do a master's degree because of "honor" or something like that. But I do feel that this tagging is a hindrance in my career and closes some of the doors, even when there is already "experience."

I'd love to hear why you think the only reason is "a major change in career" (I do not really understand what you mean by that).

Do not you think that the knowledge I get from a second description can, say, make me better in the roles I perform? Do not you think, say, described two can help pass a CV filter?

The truth is that one of my main problems is that I just do not "know what I want to do in life," if you can still define it that way when you kiss the age of 30. If I were closed on a certain cool route, I suppose the elections were easier. but I do not.

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Do not you think that the knowledge I get from a second description can, say, make me better in the roles I perform? Do not you think, say, described two can help pass a CV filter?

Yes, it will help you get through a CV scan, so I said that I think MA will help if you plan to make a change in your career and look for work in another field.

If you want to stay in your field, you probably know better than anyone who authored the Syllabus of the MA degree before 20 a year, which knowledge will help you be better. If you deal a lot in SQL, probably described two accounting internship will not help you at all.

From what you say, it sounds like you do not see a future in your current job. In this case, a master's degree is indeed an option, but before that you might want to look at the overall market supply and see if there is a specific area you are connecting to, because it is quite possible that once you graduate from the management sciences, With ERP or SQL, simply because no one should graduate masters in management.

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