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Consulting in software studies at the Open University


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Okay, today I have counseling through the Open University, but they made it clear to me that they will not be able to help me on this subject, but only what courses to take on the subject of which I am interested, so I need urgent advice from you. Software Engineering / Courses, I would be happy to receive a quick response.

Thank you

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Computer Science Single Circle.

Do this if there is another circle that interests you and you want to combine.

Software engineering is a computer science with the addition of courses in physics and engineering and you have an extra year in studies.

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People who have completed a degree in the institution as much "respected", with as much experience, as much as possible, as much as possible a normal personality and as much knowledge as possible.

As Gil has already said several times, in Israel, there is no difference in the number of positions open to computer science graduates and in the number of positions open to graduates of software engineering. In fact, computer science graduates are employed as software engineers (software developers). There is nothing to explain too much - That's just how it is.

It's not too interesting for employers to take all kinds of bets like bisexuals. Again - So. Because it just does not really matter too much, will not be a significant advantage for the job. A two-disciplinary course is intended for people who want to study two courses, in general. It does not matter beyond that.

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My two cents ...

Usually a beginner's job does not really matter whether it's computer science, mathematics or physics or engineering or another scientific field - it's important to have the right knowledge for what the job requires. Where he learned it is not so important.

And if it's not for the job of a beginner, the previous experience is more important than the studies.

If you want to work in high tech in the future then:

- Learn something scientific you like

- Take courses in computer science (if you do not learn from a teacher)

- Work while studying! (This experience is important)

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I have a few questions, one question (mainly) for those who took the introductory course in computer science and java, and the second one for those who sold the two languages ​​#C and Java.

For the course: it says there is a requirement for "the ability to read scientific texts in English" How much of the material is really in English? Most of the material or there are just a few presentations that are in English?

As for languages: I was told that C # and Java are very similar, if I know the language of C # (I do not know all of its departments yet, but I certainly know the key issues of methods, constructors, representatives, events, The generic subject, counters, loading operators, arrays, collections, inheritance issue, lists, structures, legal terms etc.) Do you take the full course or study the two parts one after the other?

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I have not yet reached the stage where I know what I want to start studying, and before that no one really talks to me about enrolling, but I do not see a reason why I will not be able to get accepted. I turned the OUI site and found no special conditions for acceptance. A reason I will not be able to get accepted.

And it's urgent because tomorrow I have a meeting for counseling, the truth I already had one meeting and it turns out that in order to study computer science 5 needs math units and I do not have, so send me to talk to someone, a long story, and the AMIR test can only be done for the third semester, So the bottom line I have to find courses that do not require to know English as a foreign language and not something that has 5 units in mathematics (until I complete it), so I thought about the math window and the course of introduction to computer science and java language, That's an answer before the meeting I have tomorrow morning so it's urgent.

So I'd love someone to answer me.

post Scriptum. Signing up there is so complicated?

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