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Consulting in software studies at the Open University


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How do you know that's what you love? (Do you have any experience with this? Do you know any programming language?)

Please note that you are at a most fundamental disadvantage. However, in my opinion, you can finish a bachelor's degree at any university.

(And it certainly depends on you and your learning ability)

A few other important questions: (You do not have to answer)

What is your learning ability?

What is your mathematical education?

Do you know what the square equation is?

Do you have a place Quiet Study it?

How many hours can you spend per day learning?

Can you afford to take courses? (Cost of 6 + - for four months)

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A. I know that's what I like because I did it, I saw that I was attracted to a piece of software building so I bought a microsoft book, which is actually a learning workshop that teaches the language of C #, so I have some experience on this subject.

I took the rest of the questions into account before I started all this rush,

1. As far as I know my learning ability is pretty good.

2. Not very high, (but I study fairly quickly, so with some guidance and the appropriate books I think that by the third semester I will know what is needed)

To tell the truth not really, today I went through it a bit but I did not delve into it so much.

Yes, in the same place I learned English and C #.

5 can reach 4-5 hours if I have to.

This is less of a problem.

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The truth is, I would recommend doing the following thing: (and tell me what you think).

1 .GATENCE: English 4, 4 MATHEMATICS, 2 BIBLE (on second thought perhaps 5), 2 history and the like.

Within two to three years, you should be with a high school diploma that faithfully represents your abilities.

You will be Ben 25 max, and this includes various improvements.

After graduation - a psychometric exam.

Automatically get to university.

Three more years, and you have a bachelor's degree in hand.

It's clear to me that this is not what you want to hear. But consider people, including me, spitting blood, sweating and crying for a degree in engineering.

You can not come and expect to go to university-level courses at the highest level, without having any basis.

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I agree, big time. The bottom line - you really, but really jumps above your belly button. Really, but really in a hurry, really, but actually builds very high towers without a foundation.

You are all 21. If you want to learn in the open - great. You'll start the course, two in the first semester. Look how you're going. Look what it means to study there. There are advanced courses (1, Introduction to Computer Science, etc.) - each one of them has the ability to tell you what to start with. You do not have to consult the forum for that.

This you know C # does not interest anyone and is not relevant at all to studies. This will help you in some courses since you need some technical and programming knowledge. It's not even the title.

The fact that you think you know how to learn fast and well does not mean much, because to this day you have not encountered a level of study like there is a bachelor's degree open. There is the so-called "test act". Start and see. (Maybe you really are - I'm not saying no)

Again - take two introductory courses in the first semester and then move on.


I do not see any reason why a person who can take a DC course at the university will not make English units and 5 units dead, and I'm also not sure that 5 will be enough to be accepted - where did you decide that? "The exact route you described as" safe "is absolutely not.

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Just what I'm trying to do (if you read my previous questions, you'll see that's what I'm looking for), one course is a math window (it says it does not require any knowledge in the account) and one that is on the Java language, #C and there's no reason I can not learn it.

Until the third semester I have about half a year in which I can complete the material of the account, in English I am pretty good I read books in English (for example now I looked a bit at the art of assembly) Maybe I do not understand everything but most of what I understand and what can not be found Easily dictionary / Targumon / Google, so I think I can study these two courses and later start learning the rest of the courses.

And Lior thanks for the offer, but I do not care that I will do it, it is actually burn a few more years from my life for matriculation and psychometric exams that I do not need because I can take a tutor for the 5 units in mathematics and the university course in English as a foreign language I do not need a psychometric exam, and it closes all the corners, and I know it's hard, I'll work hard and I'll spit blood and I'll work hard again and I'll spit blood until I succeed, I never thought it would be easy.

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Ido G, are you really offering him an Infini 1 start? And together with an introduction to the meter?

As for the route I described, I did not say he was safe, but he faithfully represented his abilities. I think it would be better for him to make four units.

If I'm not mistaken it's better to do four units and get 90 and above, than do five and get 85 and below. I'm happy if you fix me.

With regard to the opening of the chaining, high studies are not laughter. There are many people who tell themselves that they spit blood, but in practice they fail and give up.

I recommend you start gradually. To begin matriculation, to pass through the psychometric exam, and then to enroll in a regular university. Do not be mistaken You will need very high scores in both the psychometric and the matriculation exams, in order to be accepted into the teaching and engineering courses.

Israel is not a "land flowing with milk and honey" in terms of universities and the truth is quite a sausage factory.

You are still young so I think you should do what I suggest.

However, if you start with the OU:

Why are you planning for the third semester?

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