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MCITP worth anything?


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As a generation I am not, but I can teach you some things about the profession.

The first thing you should learn is what is the value of the hardware / software vendor's certifications and what practice you are learning there.

Open the literature of this agreement and see what she is talking about.

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You will find work according to your professional skills and experience and not according to which piece of paper with a serial number that says you have studied theoretical material about a certain product without having any idea how to work with this product in the real world and when you reach a heterogeneous environment that does not include only this product or any other versions than what you learned At the same certification, then you will find yourself in a panic.

If you sit down to read what you pretend to teach there, what can you say about the subject? Does that interest you every day?

How old are you and what professional experience do you have today?

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In my opinion MCITP certification creates a very interesting paradox. On the one hand, those who do the certification and have no experience in the field can not find work with it. On the other hand, anyone who has a job no longer needs this stupid qualification and will not do it.

So who is this qualification for?

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These courses give you a big advantage once you are in a job that is related to it or even close to it, getting hired for work will probably not help.

If you already start with CCNA - better, and heaven forbid do not go to colleges, there are entire online courses such as CBTNUGGETS

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