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Has anyone here recently done a comprehensive MCSA 2012 course by John Bryce or the competitor?


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Dear Friends Instead of being dragged into an unnecessary war that includes slander and insult, you will remain indifferent to the matter itself

With regard to the unfortunate remark of "your sector", this forum does not encourage racism and it is quite repulsive.

My opinion

As for a course - if you do not have a "under" and a head to study alone for you in the course - there's nothing wrong with it - and I'm pretty sure they will not teach you anything you can not learn on your own.

No one today gets a job on the basis of one or another certificate - looking first and foremost at the experience and making a questionnaire for you / a short test (sometimes I saw tests that were really wasted)

Sometimes, too, I took courses here and there - sometimes even for a simple "reward" - and there is nothing wrong with it again

And for a friend brings a friend - half of this country in all kinds of places because of the recommendations of friends. It is not characteristic of one sector or another.

A final comment on the merits - the problem is that the market is "overflowing" with authority between real technical knowledge and experience in the field. And therefore the value of the qualification "eroded". Not to mention that the authority can really easily learn how to pass the tests - Dampers for example.

And I also agree that it is possible to conduct a discussion in a civilized manner without getting excited.

All the best for you,


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I did a similar certification during the period when no other authority was added to it. "Comprehensive" "Specialization in .." and words are blown up

I work exactly in the field where I studied and I can tell you that without the great experience of the past (everything from home / independent) I would have lost myself there very quickly

I have not yet gone to the manufacturer's tests, after a period of fieldwork and experience, I doubt that I will pass these tests that do not reflect anything professional except memorization of the umpires

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Definately not. All thanks to my job interviews and projects.

Everything is nice and beautiful, but not everyone has the sense and / or luck and / or connections and / or ability to learn alone, impress in interviews, and get involved in work.

There are people who need guidance, direction and direction, and that's not in the realm of IT.

I personally once learned MCITP in 2010, it did feel like a waste of time and money in retrospect, but without me I could not know what really interested me, and if that's what helped me to tune in on the area that really interests me, it was worth the amount that has since returned itself Dozens of times.

Some people know that this is not their field, and there are those who, with some course or other, know that this is what they are interested in and where they are aiming. Some people succeed, like you, and others do not.

I personally think that if you choose to take a course, you will take an online course from companies such as Train Signal and / or CBT Nuggets, you will pay less, you will also learn on your own, you will learn more, and I am convinced that it will be more professional and interesting.

Classes in colleges are made up of people who come from different places and ends and some that delay everyone and because of them they learn slowly and less.

In any case. There are certifications that they are "Hands On" like RHCE on Linux from Red Hat (which I did and learned on my own, and I can recommend you because it is a relative weight in the market) With zero knowledge. And then you wonder why you can't find a job.

In any case. Do what you understand and everyone takes something from experience (good or bad) in life. You will not try not to know.

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