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Hebrew Keyboard with Large Antenna


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Looking for keyboard recommendation:

1. A large ENTER key (L in mirror)

2. Key \ next to the backspace and name only

3. All keys are standard size standards and have a full course

4. Keys with Hebrew without the need for a separate engraving

5. Wired keyboard only

I had pleomax I was pleased with.


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Thanks. But that's exactly the kind of search I'm trying to save myself.

I want to refer to a specific place that is known to have exactly what I'm looking for

And I have no problem paying more for something quality that meets the requirements

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Thanks yonizaf. In the past, I have seen a number of cases in which the image of the keyboard on sites that appear without keys in Hebrew differs in the arrangement of the keys from the Hebrew version that the store actually holds. Did you make sure that the keyboard layout in the Hebrew version is the same?

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