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Repair hardware malfunctions?


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Let's say I know the computer components well and I even know how to assemble a computer by myself, but the problem is how I fix the hardware problems

These, I'm going to have someone fix the computer for him he tells me, the screen is not working / the hard drive is malfunctioning, in short I have to fix the computer for him, but the fact that I know how to assemble a computer does not mean I know how to repair it.

Some of you may sound silly, but I would be happy to answer.

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First of all experience. if you will not try, you will not know.

For the most part, elimination is used - that is, the deprivation of the working components.

For example, if the screen does not turn on then take it to a computer that knows for sure that it is working and check if it is turned on.

If he works then obviously he is not the problem and keep looking.

If a hard disk is suspected then connect it to a computer that is working and use dedicated testing software for this specific hard disk type.

Another important point - He is a good friend of .

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I didn't write this post to fix any malfunction, but I came to ask how the hell did hardware repair, and when I ask "how to fix hardware" I don't mean

To start explaining to me about each and every component, but in general.

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