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Does a computer technician have a place in high-tech?


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Hello, I wanted to know if a computer technician has a place in high tech ?, and do you need special connections to be accepted?

My second question stems from the puzzlement that if Can work in a high-tech company and receive twice as much as his salary as an independent computer technician, why does he still work independently?

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You have to work in a high-tech company and have to work in high-tech.

A secretary in a high-tech company also earns more than a secretary in regular companies. She does not exactly work in high tech.

If there are significant differences between Independent to someone who works for a hi-tech company? I'm not sure there's a big difference.

And some people prefer to be independent without anyone sitting on their heads. This is usually a preference that in my opinion is not related to wages but to conditions.

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The only job for a computer technician in high-tech companies is as HELPDESK.

Proper salaries between 6500 - 8000.

And if as a regular employee (and not through a contractor) then also all the other conditions listed in the pension and the study fund and meals at the expense of work.

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