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A course that prepares for the CEH test

One who knows

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This is a highly needed area because there are no companies that are required to perform security audit for PCI / SOX purposes or a general test of their systems' robustness.

Anyone who is involved in this field does not need certification to work in the profession. These certifications are simply another way to squeeze money from you (as opposed to your employer's money).

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So if these courses are not worth much how are accepted to work in such places? I'm less interested in learning and working at the software level, such as finding exploits at the code level on sites or software. It's a very, very wide field and you can not know everything. Of course you have to know a bit of everything but you need to specialize in something specific. You are mostly talking about domain security Which is an area that does not interest me so much.

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How many times can it be repeated? There is no connection between "education" (the quotation marks) and intelligence. Certainly not in this area.

Want a respect in the field of data security? Ask yourself what prevented you from dealing with this until today?

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I try to understand your attitude, I and the discussion begin asking for advice, what you give is do not get close to the field because you have not reached it until now so you have no chance, it sounds a bit like you're afraid I'll steal your cheese or something.

I can accept and respect the fact that you are not impressed by the courses that were recorded above, but I really do not understand the attitude of if you have not worked on it so far. , Your experience (as far as I understand from the correspondence here does not concern software security) does not really authorize you to tell me to give up.

I also wrote down that I have little experience and quite a bit of software security, especially since I'm a programmer myself, so it's true that I never worked for it and I thought I'd ask for advice.

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Why do not you start watching the videos I've directed you to and see how you're going?

Because I recognize my weaknesses, and if I do not have a specific goal then I will not learn. Once I have a basis and encounter a certain problem, I will learn to cope alone.

I would see an experience lesson from a branch of the Technion. (Basically high level) but I understood that the course is technical and teaches things that can be learned alone and are not so complicated. I still know myself and am sure I will not learn alone from scratch ...

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How did you come to the conclusion that:

It sounds a bit like you're afraid I'll steal your cheese or something.

I'm the last person who wants to prevent someone from moving forward or working in the field, and I will not even hint at it.

All I want to do is help people who are interested in these things take the right decisions and share my personal experience.

I will ask again: If you want to advance a field of information security in software code, then what prevented you from doing this to this day?

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(I do not believe in myself just think I need to learn and not make myself laugh), an opportunity (I never tried to create for myself for the first reason I mentioned), it's not that I did not get involved in it In my private time, I have dealt with it quite a bit and I very, very much like the challenge of it, a kind of brain game that really interests me. I just need direction and you and the other members of the forum I really appreciate can help.

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My personal opinion,

If you do not have a background in the field and you want to get initial exposure to the field, enroll in the CEH course, leave you with the authority. The qualifications are worth nothing but more money in the company's bank account. The course will give you some sort of starting point, and most of the work you will have to do at home alone.

Just make it clear, the best hackers, programmers in the field, did not take a course, not a degree and maybe not maturity.

The only thing they did, they opened And began to read and dirty their hands.

My recommendation, before you ever enroll for a course related to pen testing or any other aspect of information security, you need to accumulate good knowledge of Linux, , Some scripts for starters. After this, you can turn to the field that is called in the popular language information security.


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I do not have a degree at all, and I work as a programming engineer for about three years. I have been a team manager for a year and a half now. I'm looking for a framework that will "force" me to learn from being a framework for the simple reason that with all the work and life I do not sit any longer as I would like, and I believe that if I have a framework ( Every frame) and this irritation will spur me.

If you have any other way you think I can actually get to work in my open ear area I'm really really unlocked in any way, any suggestions welcome.

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If you are an autodidact then you will begin to sit on concepts of hacking. There are lots of sites and millions of forums.

You can also connect to IRC and sit on channels that most of the day talk about only that and learn only by looking at correspondence.

If you are a programmer you already have a good starting base, the least important knowledge is infrastructure knowledge (Linux / Win), and communication needs to know in a basic way.

There are even videos on YouTube that show attack methods and it always helps to learn.

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I am sorry that I am being pushed into a discussion that I did not open, but I am also very interested in this question.

It's not the paper that makes or makes a difference, and it's not what will bring work (it can not hurt). The point is really a starting point to learn the profession. I'm a programmer in my profession. I was involved in information security in all sorts of variations, from hacking to WIFI and PENTESTING to websites and discovery. Security holes until the re-engineering of the game to make him a DLL injection so I can give other commands or build a BOOT (I'm lazy).

I really do not have a hacker, I have some knowledge but I want more, and the truth I prefer if I have some environment that encourages me to study, sometimes it's a bit hard for me to disconnect voluntarily from my daily routine and course does it pretty well.

I do not necessarily insist on CEH, but I would be happy for any framework that could be suitable for me and be a stimulating environment. If any of you can recommend such a framework, I and I believe that the discussion would have been very happy.

Many thanks in advance.

It seems you have some experience, if already the best penetration tests and certification is the OSCP which is very much considered and all hands-on


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I liked the recommendation of the OSCP, I did more research on them, and a lot of people recommend it, saying it's really hard but worth it, so I'm interested in it, especially since they created BACKTRACK. Bless you!

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I sat and read the entire thread that all the members had written

With some of them I agree and with some of them I will go into detail I do not agree

Look at the principle that you can not ignore the fact that if you have no prior knowledge or have no connection to the profession you choose to learn then do not go to learn it

From my personal experience in my last course you could see people who came to study without prior knowledge and simply suffered from their lack of knowledge and they were the weak link

The serious of these took themselves into the hands and managed relatively nicely

But in my opinion they could have been more successful if they had come with prior knowledge

Something else you need to know

Today many of the best and best companies are asking for any certification to truly stand up for your professional knowledge. Of course you are measured by yourself but certainly a diploma can very much help

And for your question if I know the course on see security then yes I learned there trend ciso guide Hacking name is a great man and a professional first class

You can, of course, join classes in order to assess the course content and the nature of your studies

If I were you and that was my direction I would go for it There really is a lot of demand in the market today The beginner among them lucky enough to get to the places they ordered and I know that their salary is worth about 100 shekels per hour

I hope I helped you a bit and I showed you a slightly different light

Whatever you succeed and whatever you decide you will be happy to share

Good luck my friend

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