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A course that prepares for the CEH test

One who knows

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Hi Rafael, First of all thank you! You help me a lot.

I do not have a practical background in this area, but I do have an affinity to the field. I was in an experience class in see security and it was very interesting. The concepts they spoke in class were not entirely foreign to me, so I think I can overcome the gap.

At the moment I decided to do the course and I am debating between John Bryce's course and that of see security.

The syllabus of see security

John Bryce's syllabus

The syllabuses look similar, but John Bryce seems to be more in depth (according to 3 actual study hours and 2 ownership), what do you say?

Have you done a ciso course? Because I want to do Hacking Defined Experts in See Security, or Cyber ​​Security Intelligence at John Bryce.

Finally, I saw the courses themselves in the PDF files you submitted. I did not have time to look at them carefully, but a spell seemed to be interesting.

thanks again!

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Beauty I'm glad for you I know well the guide of Hacking in see-secutiy is a great person and a top-notch professional

I do not know what is being offered at John Bryce College so I can not recommend you where to go

Go to a lesson or two at John Bryce and then decide

But you will be assisted by the courses I sent you. This qualification will show you what is most compatible with what you are offered in both courses

I am what I check before I register is there anyone to talk to

For example, we had the option to do the entire course for free if you see that there are lessons you missed (I was abroad during the course and what I missed I completed in another course) did not demand payment from me and nothing

Check the level of students

And as you said I graduated from the ciso course

PS I would love to hear from you if you are registered on the course and its contents is an area that interests him very much

Thanks and good luck again

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