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Orange Elbit New route at the door!


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Thanks for the information!

I have a plan that pays off that I can replace a free device every 3 years with insurance.

The new program does not really pay off ... It comes out 50 Shah per month as in all companies but with 10GB surfing and insurance in 6 shekels.

It's better to stay in the old program and continue to get credits on the old device.

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To this day I have a package for the organization that includes 20 Giga surfing, 700 SMS messages, free calls on the Orange network and 1000 minutes to the rest of the destinations in 69 shekels.

The problem is that I no longer get a refund on the handset so it really does not pay off.

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Definately not.

LARGE costs 146 Shah and after a refund on the device it comes close to the price you wrote.

Do not forget that you pay both on the package and on the device. And when you return the device you pay around 65. Which means you actually pay 146 Shah (package with device and device credit)

146 is less the price of a device and the price of a device you purchased in an orange or an outdoor store

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