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Motherboard for 4790k and 32GB at 2400 speed

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Looking for a motherboard recommendation that will support the following specification:

1. Processor 4790k

2. 32GB memory at 2400 speed

3. unplanned Unless there is an automatic option in BIOS

4. There is no special requirement for a video card

5. Preferred Store: zigzag2000

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Open the discussion, check where the balance between the purchase of a hexagon 4930K cores with X79 board and 1600 memories compared to the 4790K processor with a compatible board and 2400 memories. Perhaps, economically, it would be better for you to give another 50% processing cores with the reduction of the memory frequency (not necessarily traffic, to X79 still advantageous in a cross-field with 4 parallel channels).

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Kakadu: Giga one more than you ever get and you'll use this hallucinatory.

It pays for a product without using it.

It's just like buying a video card and connecting the screen to the clipboard. Even if he buys a ticket in this 200 NIS it is hallucinatory.

Bill Gates was rich. The rich are delusional

To Lior: Reinforces. I think it would be better for him financially not to buy the precious memory. But in any case if he chose to pour money to go to the core ..

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For those who missed, the difference between 4790 and 4790K is not only in the Overclock capacity, but also in the base frequency of 4790K higher even before the Overclock.

That someone does not plan Does not automatically say that he should never buy a processor with the extension K, God forbid.

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I decided that I wanted to buy the 4790K

I need 32GB memory for certain calculations that I write that need a large amount of memory

Here I read that memory is recommended faster than 1600:

And at least in the stock of zigzag difference in memory costs of 32GB Kits at high speeds is small

I would be happy to receive a recommendation for a suitable Motherboard!

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1. Which package will you use? This can affect the size of the board you can install.

2. Are there any special requirements from the board? Like multiple connections On the back panel or M.2 and SATA-Express connections?

3. What is the budget?

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1. Unlocked enclosure may still be SONATA III or a larger model, but this is a standard full size motherboard

2. No non-standard requirements. Say at least 6 Back, preferably more, ESATA

3. In the range of 1000-500 NIS

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1. There are almost no eSATA boards today, and fixing such a requirement is a little problematic.

2. Almost every modern tablet comes with 6 USB connections on the back panel, when at least 2 of them are USB 3.0, so this is not a problem.

Usually, if there are no special requirements then the recommended board (and the cheapest) with 4 memory expansion slots and 6 USB ports on the back panel is the Gigabyte H87-HD3. Other panels that are suitable, though generally more expensive, are H87-D3H , H97-HD3, H97-D3H, and if you buy a small chassis that supports micro-ATX boards, there's the H97M-D3H, which I think is a very worthwhile board. Such panels will cost around 400-500 (depending on the store and model).

In your case you want to buy a processor i7-4790K has fast capability and you are willing to invest quite a large amount in the board. Therefore it would be a "waste" not to save the option for speed with such a processor, and therefore I would recommend a board with a Z87 or Z97 chipset since it is designed for speed. For easy speed, almost any board with a Z87 or Z97 chipset, such as the Z87-HD3 or the Z97-HD3, costs around NIS 500-600 (depending on the store and model). For more serious speed, you should consider boards like the GA-Z97X- Gaming 3 and the GA-Z97X-UD3H, whose price ranges around 700 NIS.

Note - If you really want to hurry, make sure you have Good for the processor.

Which was clear - if you are sure that 100% will not be interested in the future rush in any case, go for the cheapest board that suits your requirements. Of course if you are debating between several models we will be happy to help you.

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ASUS Z97-A ...

So if you get bored ... and you'll want to try OC .... you have a TPU button on the board itself.

Or choosing OC in BIOS.

But from what is known today about 4790K _ (and tests on my processor), these processors are probably pretty close to their limit, any OC of another 200-300MHZ .. does not seem worth the effort.

(Unless a rumor about Upgraded to these processors is correct)


After reading the cauldron above, I have to point out that when it comes to cooling, it is almost right.)

If anyone plans to purchase 4790K then he must also take a respectable fan!

The fact is that this processor does not really meet expectations!

I converted an 500MG MKV file to an MP4 file with WINAVI AIO_ (we've been watching the first series STARTTREK for almost a year now)

So in a simple conversion of such a file (poor), the processor came to 98C!

I dismantled and installed the BOX 3 fan several times and each time I checked that everything was right and everything was sitting well and the ointment was enough (or in a very thin layer) .... Everything including everything about the BOX's Mower gave me the horrible results of 95C and above!

(There are more such reports in the network)

The moment I put him down NH-C12P SE14, the highest temperature over time was 68C! (From the trauma I ran to buy D14 but today I think it will continue to be left out of the box, the NH-C12P SE14 does a great job)

post Scriptum

If anyone is moving or wondering my processor came from an L4 package

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