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Which computer course is best recommended today ???


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Hello, I'm new here in the forum, and look here and there to see which course is best recommended today, Beginner In the field of taking,

I'm looking for: s0432:Computer course that he Regular I do not have too many aspirations to grow up and be in a huge high-tech company, but something Likely

I'm looking for the easiest course, and I'm financially rewarded at work, and work the best a few hours a day,

I'm not looking for work in computers that work 13 hours a day, but standard standard 8 For hours, and not especially for the dirt, that you spend all day with your employer : bash:, But

Something with comfort (Which allowed 2 hours to work fifteen minutes to surf the Internet: bounce:)

Which computer course is best recommended today ???


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Are you 25 and what are the questions you ask?

no offence. Just understand the criticism.

It seems you have no idea what a professional content world is in computers or what is "high tech" in general.

How and why did you decide that you wanted to go in this direction and what did you do to this day?

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Yes it's a pretty simple question

From what I see as possible, a technician and network course looks like the most comfortable job

A standard job where a person goes to work B. 8 returns in 5

are you. I know I have no big ambitions

From what the experts here understand, people know in the mood of the people working in the field what is the easiest course that can be assigned to work


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There is no use in a "computer course" of any kind. Neither the course nor the diploma will help you in finding a job or actually working. It's just a total waste of time and money. (This is especially true of the course . In the course of programming you can somehow get out with some benefit in terms of knowledge).

Do you want studies that will help you work on computers or find work? Go towards a degree. Do not want to study for a degree? Try self-learning. Acquire knowledge on the Internet, and try to repair the computers of the neighbors. or something. If it does not go, it probably is not your domain because This is an area that requires a lot of flexibility and creativity in finding and solving the problem, and this is not something that can really be learned in the course.

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Thank you, the truth is true for every area there is, nothing changes experience and knowledge! , And both things depend on each other and experience brings more knowledge and knowledge at the end brings experience!

But my question is simple, from all the courses offered today to a technician , QA software testing MCSE authority and all these, what course you really need in the computer world,

As in the store of There will always be cashiers, storekeepers, porters. Everyone agrees that suffering is the hardest, then a storekeeper and the easiest is a cashier

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You'd better consider what you're trying to explain.

Otherwise you'll spend quite a bit of money and eventually you will not find work.

First of all, find out what each job you want to get and what knowledge you need to work in it.

I tell you that from now on every field of computers requires independent learning and in general Good and fast learning.

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