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ExamCollection - Reliable site for exams ???


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After consulting with several people (and quite a few here in the forum) I started a few months ago to study Microsoft's Mcsa Windows Server 2008 certification, the study I do independently through the materials of CBT Nuggets and two weeks ago I finished the material of the first test out of three, 70-640.

To know that I was ready for the test, I began to conduct simulation tests that I downloaded from this site - http://www.examcollection.com/70-640.html

The tests, at least according to what is written there, are updated before three months.

My question is whether these tests can be relied upon as something that even partially reflects what is expected of me in the real test at the center of my exam , As well as whether there is a better place to take more recent tests.

And through - by the way: the opinions of many in the forum regarding the authority Microsoft I certainly know, But despite that I decided to go for certification for several reasons, if anyone would be important I would be happy to elaborate, anyway thanks to the forum I decided not to spend 20,000 NIS on studying at any college but to study independently as mentioned.

In any case I would be happy if someone could help me with the above question.

Thanks in advance - it's a little urgent ...

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This brain dump. It does not teach you to really know the material but only pass the exam when it is fully or almost entirely intact to the same dump.

Why this certification, and why did you choose to get certified after my explanations before sitting for months?

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This brain dump. It does not teach you to really know the material but only pass the exam when it is fully or almost entirely intact to the same dump.

Why this certification, and why did you choose to get certified after my explanations before sitting for months?

First thing thanks for the response.

If I understand what you mean - Braindump is actually tests that people did and tried to reconstruct from their memory? Or did you mean something else?

And how long Updating their tests? - A test conducted three months ago is relevant today? And a test conducted a year ago?

Sorry I'm digging, just because I'm learning the material independently I'm terribly afraid to miss something and want to get as ready as possible ...

And why I decided to get the accreditation:

So after half a year of intense job search and quite a few job interviews, I came to some understandings that I can not call "clear conclusions" but are definitely guidelines for me:

1. Quite a few interesting job offers I lost because I still do not have any certificate - And that's a fact! I was told explicitly by the recruiting departments of the companies that had already had an initial conversation with me and then they told me - Oops, you do not have a certificate - sorry - the certificate is a minimum requirement, it did not happen much but it definitely happened and it's a pity.

Moreover, it is quite obvious that there are quite a few other jobs that I did not receive a call from because I automatically terminated because I do not have a certificate.

2. I agree with the fact that someone who is already in the company and buys himself a position there can progress very well within the company even if he does not have a certificate, but what happens if one day after two or three years he wants to change his job? To my understanding it is clear!, After all, it's not someone who worked seven years in the company and two or three times back then his experience really is an impressive resume, here it's just someone who has accumulated experience in a junior position - which is very nice but I do not understand yet enough to be accepted into a new place and do immediately Or almost immediately leapfrog ("maybe the certificate will not help too much to leapfrog but it certainly will not hurt ...).

These are more or less the considerations that have guided me so far. In any case, I would like to say thank you for helping me decide to study independently and not to waste 20,000 on college education - you really saved me.

I guess you have quite a bit to say about what I wrote, I'd love to hear ....

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This braindump be a parrot.

Memorize the answers from a set without understanding too much in practice.

I guess there are previous tests and simulation tests, so test yourself for a previous test that was.

Thank you for the answer, but I still do not understand - this test I do - was or was not in reality the tests of ??

Excuse my ignorance.

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Do you understand the difference between his blades and memorizing material?

Probably ! , And as I wrote at the beginning I invested in the last few months close to 100 hours (!!) Using videos to learn this stuff! I have no intention of deceiving myself!

But again, my question is not whether, through the tests, I will be able to get the certificate to say that I "passed" (because I will get the diploma based on the knowledge I acquired through my studies), but whether these questions are based on real test material Or something else ?

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Do you want to pass the test or understand the material?

As can be seen from everything I have written so far - I want them together.

The material I believe I understood - at least what they showed in the videos, and now I definitely want to pass the test, so I asked is how often updating Their tests .... (to know whether the tests I did will be relevant to the real test).


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If you know the material, then the fact that the test changes or not should not interest you at all.
The knowledge required to pass the tests does not change. All that changes is the formulation of the questions and the issues that concern them.

You will never be tested on 100% of the study material.

Thanks for the answers, - From what I understand no new materials have been added and the material that was actually valid for 2008-2009 is valid today as well ...

- - - Unified response: - - -

Beyond that - do you have other tips to give me before an exam?

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