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Consulting before starting a degree in Computer Science.


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Good Morning,

I start my undergraduate studies at the Open University of Computer Science. The choice at the Open University is because I am still in the Army (for those who ask why you are)

I started on one discrete math course and my problem that I haven't touched on math since high school, I did 4 units and the truth that I didn't show up in about XNUMXth grade. That is my math base on the face.

I would love to recommend math books that teach the basics, rules of algebra and geometry or whatever you think is right. I ask that they be treated as if I know only simple mathematical activities and not beyond. I would love to repeat what I know and learn what I don't.

I have no limit on how many books to buy, recommend everything, if I need 10 books to complete the gap I will buy and learn ... There is nothing to pay for my high school stupidity.

I would be happy if you could add a recommendation for books based on electricity.

many thanks!

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First of all on Facebook "Computer Science at the Open University" is the name of the group on Facebook. - This is the right place to ask this kind of thing.

Immediately contact the center of the course to explain that you have made a mistake and without doing so

"Mathematics Bunny" You don't have much of a chance of going through loneliness.

Try to postpone the course for the next semester and do this semester. - Successfully it will require a lot of begging.

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Thank you very much for everyone's comments,

Maybe I was a little exaggerated when presenting the case, but in any case on this course as a first course I was recommended by an academic advisor who explained the situation to him.

He's the one who advised me to start with discrete and I'll work out if I do a little homework and get back on the same basics.

Topic: Some math teachers have recommended that I find Benny Goren's algebra parts A, B, C as a source of knowledge for whatever basis I need.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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