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Helps students to decide on a computer technician course

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How did you come to the conclusion that you need these studies in order to work in "computer technicians"?

There's nothing to do with high-tech and what you're going to specialize in ten years from now. You probably do not understand what high-tech is.

Seriously, this is the biggest way to waste time and money I've seen lately.

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It's a job *is very* Simple in the field of business "computers" in general. Especially in the past ten years.

You do not have to learn anything for the tasks you need. You can understand everything on your own if you have any technological affinity.

What problem did you try to solve and what challenges or difficulties did you encounter?

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As one who received this free course through the Employment Service,

A total waste of money.

If I had to pay for this course from my pocket I would bang my head against the wall.

You will choose a basic certification such as A +, study at home alone ... buy a computer for study purposes (even if you build a home server it will not reach the 10,000 + they require there) and register for an exam fee only.

And again it is only if you really want a certificate that also usually requires renewal every few years.

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Nowadays, as technology advances, books are becoming less and less relevant. I am now doing MCSA certification (was included in the price of the course then there will be) and the book is not finding and irrelevant.

After deciding what qualification you want to do (if you want to do at all) then check the exam objectives and learn by yourself ... Go through a topic in Google and explore the subject from different places and if you have the opportunity to experience the tools presented to you.

If you are at the point 0 right now and you have no idea what you want to do I will recommend you watch the A + video series on Professor Messer's website .... it's a good point to figure out who's against whom and see if there's a topic you connect to more than others and then you can focus your efforts .

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